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California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 5600

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5600.  (a) This part shall be known and may be cited as the
Bronzan-McCorquodale Act. This part is intended to organize and
finance community mental health services for the mentally disordered
in every county through locally administered and locally controlled
community mental health programs. It is furthermore intended to
better utilize existing resources at both the state and local levels
in order to improve the effectiveness of necessary mental health
services; to integrate state-operated and community mental health
programs into a unified mental health system; to ensure that all
mental health professions be appropriately represented and utilized
in the mental health programs; to provide a means for participation
by local governments in the determination of the need for and the
allocation of mental health resources under the jurisdiction of the
state; and to provide a means of allocating mental health funds
deposited in the Local Revenue Fund equitably among counties
according to community needs.
   (b) With the exception of those referring to Short-Doyle Medi-Cal
services, any other provisions of law referring to the Short-Doyle
Act shall be construed as referring to the Bronzan-McCorquodale Act.

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Last modified: March 17, 2014