Nevada Revised Statutes Section 18.110 - Civil Practice

Verified memorandum of costs: Filing and service; witness’ and clerk’s fee; retaxing and settling costs.

1. The party in whose favor judgment is rendered, and who claims his costs, must file with the clerk, and serve a copy upon the adverse party, within 5 days after the entry of judgment, or such further time as the court or judge may grant, a memorandum of the items of his costs in the action or proceeding, which memorandum must be verified by the oath of the party, or his attorney or agent, or by the clerk of his attorney, stating that to the best of his knowledge and belief the items are correct, and that the costs have been necessarily incurred in the action or proceeding.

2. He shall be entitled to recover the witness fees, although at the time he may not actually have paid them. Issuance or service of subpoena shall not be necessary to entitle a prevailing party to tax, as costs, witness fees and mileage, provided that such witnesses be sworn and testify in the cause.

3. It shall not be necessary to embody in the memorandum the fees of the clerk, but the clerk shall add the same according to his fees fixed by statute.

4. Within 3 days after service of a copy of the memorandum, the adverse party may move the court, upon 2 days’ notice, to retax and settle the costs, notice of which motion shall be filed and served on the prevailing party claiming costs. Upon the hearing of the motion the court or judge shall settle the costs.

Last modified: February 26, 2006