New York Civil Rights - Article 7 - § 74 Privileges in Action for Libel

Civil Rights 
    §  74.  Privileges  in  action  for  libel.  A  civil action cannot be
  maintained against any person, firm or corporation, for the  publication
  of  a  fair  and  true  report  of  any judicial proceeding, legislative
  proceeding or other official proceeding,  or  for  any  heading  of  the
  report which is a fair and true headnote of the statement published.
    This  section  does not apply to a libel contained in any other matter
  added by any person concerned in the publication; or in  the  report  of
  anything  said  or done at the time and place of such a proceeding which
  was not a part thereof.
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Last modified: February 15, 2014