165.30 - Fraudulent Accosting. | Article 165 - (165.00 - 165.74) OTHER OFFENSES RELATING TO THEFT | Title J - OFFENSES INVOLVING THEFT | Part 3 - SPECIFIC OFFENSES | PEN - Penal | 2015 New York Laws

165.30 Fraudulent accosting.

1. A person is guilty of fraudulent accosting when he accosts a person in a public place with intent to defraud him of money or other property by means of a trick, swindle or confidence game.

2. A person who, either at the time he accosts another in a public place or at some subsequent time or at some other place, makes statements to him or engages in conduct with respect to him of a kind commonly made or performed in the perpetration of a known type of confidence game, is presumed to intend to defraud such person of money or other property.

Fraudulent accosting is a class A misdemeanor.

Last modified: April 14, 2016