New York Penal - Article 270 - § 270.20 Unlawful Wearing of a Body Vest

  § 270.20 Unlawful wearing of a body vest.
    1.  A  person  is  guilty  of the unlawful wearing of a body vest when
  acting either alone or with one or more other  persons  he  commits  any
  violent  felony  offense  defined  in  section  70.02 while possessing a
  firearm, rifle or shotgun and in the course of  and  in  furtherance  of
  such crime he wears a body vest.
    2.   For   the  purposes  of  this  section  a  "body  vest"  means  a
  bullet-resistant soft body armor providing, as a minimum  standard,  the
  level  of  protection  known as threat level I which shall mean at least
  seven layers of  bullet-resistant  material  providing  protection  from
  three  shots of one hundred fifty-eight grain lead ammunition fired from
  a .38 calibre handgun at a velocity of  eight  hundred  fifty  feet  per
    The unlawful wearing of a body vest is a class E felony.
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Last modified: February 15, 2014