US Tax Court Opinions 2004

Case NameReleased
Perry Goldman and Sandra Goldman1/5/2004
Csaba L. Magassy and Frances H. Magassy1/5/2004
Howard H. Thompson, Jr.1/5/2004
Life Care Communities of America, Ltd., A Florida Limited Partnership, Robert W. McMichael, A Partner Other Than The Tax Matters Partner1/5/2004
InterTAN, Inc.1/5/2004
Michael Cipolla1/5/2004
Johnnie L. Tillman1/6/2004
John G. Goettee, Jr. and Marian Goettee1/6/2004
Deavrah M. Chandler1/6/2004
Lawrence K. Mudd1/8/2004
Jeanette M. and Tom M. Kimball1/8/2004
Graceann Berry1/12/2004
Robert K. and Dawn E. Lowry1/12/2004
Peoples Prize1/15/2004
Charles G. and Elizabeth A. Fargo1/16/2004
Alfred J. Martin1/20/2004
Stephan Bartsch and Eva Bartsch, a.k.a. Eva Pott Bartsch1/20/2004
Diego Francisco1/21/2004
Jimie R. and Sandra Herlitschek Overby1/21/2004
April Lennett Webb-Reed1/22/2004
Nield and Linda Montgomery1/22/2004
Robert Harold Hathaway1/23/2004
John R. and Edith M. Garbini1/23/2004
Ariel J. Dorra1/26/2004
John Huntz Leineweber1/26/2004
Antonio B. Secapure1/28/2004
Estate of Robert H. Lurie, Deceased, Ann Lurie, Executor1/28/2004
Gwendolyn A. Ewing1/28/2004
Scott Roman1/28/2004
Gary and Janet Luiz1/29/2004
William J. Cutts1/29/2004
Louise Demirjian1/30/2004
Vicki S. Pless and Coy E. Pless, Jr.2/3/2004
Florida Country Clubs, Inc.2/3/2004
Mary K. Malone2/3/2004
Jon A. and Linda A. Jewett2/3/2004
Sue Taylor2/3/2004
Richard G. Tuck2/4/2004
Sunoco, Inc. and Subsidiaries2/4/2004
Sunoco, Inc. and Subsidiaries2/4/2004
Estate of Emanuel Trompeter, Deceased, Robin Carol Trompeter Gonzalez and Janet Ilene Trompeter Polachek, Co-Executors2/4/2004
James J. Leonard2/4/2004
George Maciel2/4/2004
Stephen Mitchell Day2/5/2004
Paul R. Peete2/6/2004
Adrian D. Troutman, Jr.2/6/2004
Gerry Ashurst2/9/2004
Helen Guterman2/9/2004
James J. McCarron III and Michelle McCarron2/9/2004
Estate of John W. Clause, Deceased, Thomas Y. Clause, Personal Respresentative2/9/2004
Verna Doyel2/10/2004
Tony J. Cavender2/10/2004
Dolores Nelson2/10/2004
Joseph Dutton2/11/2004
Thomas E. Johnston and Thomas E. Johnston, Successor in Interest to Shirley L. Johnston, Deceased2/11/2004
Harris Rabinovich2/11/2004
Sandra Browda, Petitioner, and David Browda, Intervenor2/12/2004
Donald Richard Lowe2/12/2004
Jason and Jeanie Henderson2/12/2004
H. Dee Johnson, Jr. and Mary L. Johnson, n.k.a. Mary L. Alphin2/17/2004
Leslie M. Hiltz2/17/2004
Estate of Ida Abraham, Deceased, Donna M. Cawley, and Diana A. Slater, Administratrixes2/18/2004
Anthony J. and Denise D. Sadberry2/18/2004
Alec Jeffrey Megibow2/19/2004
Delbert L. and Margaret J. Baker2/19/2004
Milton L. Hildebran and Judy W. Hildebran2/19/2004
Rene D. and Rosemary S. Valdes2/25/2004
Charlotte's Office Boutique, Inc2/25/2004
Darren Carter2/25/2004
Charles P. Durrenberger Jr.2/26/2004
Joyce E. Beery3/1/2004
Chief Industries, Inc. and Subsidiaries3/2/2004
Mahmud Ahmed3/3/2004
Estate of Lea K. Hillgren, Deceased, Mark Hillgren, Executor3/3/2004
Joseph Tamberella3/3/2004
Edward P. Heaphy3/5/2004
William Robertson McSkimming III3/5/2004
Allyson Christina Briggs3/5/2004
Albert G. Cooper3/5/2004
Donald R. Cooley and Cathy A. Cooley3/5/2004
Meleca Vulic3/8/2004
Vision Information Services, L.L.C., Irene Correia, Tax Matters Partner3/8/2004
Arlene C. Ogonoski3/8/2004
Jeanine T. Foor3/8/2004
The Charles Schwab Corporation and Subsidiaries3/9/2004
Jere J. and Paulette M. Solvie3/9/2004
Pamela J. Ellison3/9/2004
Gil G. and Patroncenia C. Santilla3/9/2004
John Scott Kracke3/9/2004
Benjamin C. Kent3/9/2004
Elmer J. Hopson3/9/2004
Gerald E. Johnson and Dorothy Johnson3/9/2004
Barium & Chemicals, Inc.3/10/2004
Edward D. Tonitis3/10/2004
Becker Holding Corporation and Subsidiaries3/10/2004
Stephen M. and Rebecca A. Kerns3/11/2004
Marci L. and Carl C. Voigt3/11/2004
Robert Griffin and Julia Griffin3/11/2004
Julie C. Nichols, n.k.a. Julie C. Amrein3/11/2004
Tyrone Sharp and Alvera Sharp, a.k.a. Alvera Crockett3/11/2004
Wally O. and Kate A. Oyelola3/12/2004
Phillip and Gladies Aaron3/12/2004
Capital Blue Cross and Subsidiaries3/12/2004
John William Hollis3/15/2004
Howard T. Owens, Jr., and Ann E. Owens3/15/2004
Bill Fred Hamilton and Connie Hamilton3/16/2004
Harry Allen and Evelyn Scott Hall3/16/2004
Estate of Merle Allen Whiting, Jr., Deceased, Vicki Ann Whiting, Executrix3/17/2004
Gary Lee Colvin3/17/2004
Thomas C. Johnson3/18/2004
Donna M. Keitz3/18/2004
Harold and Doreen Silk3/18/2004
Early Robertson, Jr.3/18/2004
B. Suri3/18/2004
Louis Bonner, Jr. and Celeste Bonner3/18/2004
Cindy Driggers3/18/2004
Ebrahim Elsawah3/18/2004
Joe Nathan Wright and Lola H. Wright3/18/2004
Duane E. Hudspath3/18/2004
Gary T. Mackey3/18/2004
Randolph E. Luna3/18/2004
Renee Trupin D'Aunay3/22/2004
J. Thomas and Henrietta A. Hardin3/22/2004
Richard R. Hamlett3/22/2004
Charles Deverna3/22/2004
Don Weber II3/22/2004
Ann E. Bartak3/23/2004
Nick Kikalos and Helen Kikalos3/23/2004
Cinema '84, Richard M. Greenberg, Tax Matters Partner3/23/2004
Andrea J. Vuxta3/23/2004
Thomas W. Hunter, Jr.3/23/2004
Susan G. Kilburg3/23/2004
Self Heating and Cooling, Inc., Transferee3/24/2004
Kathleen E. Gilliam3/24/2004
Matthew D. Gilmore3/25/2004
Victor & Judith A. Grigoraci3/25/2004
Alfredo A. and Jane R. Galagar3/25/2004
Jack A. and Judith M. Davis3/25/2004
Thomas J. and Bonnie F. Ratke3/25/2004
Gerald L. and Jessica P. Frey3/26/2004
Catherine Rosenthal3/26/2004
Dennis Burbridge and Rosemary Burbridge3/26/2004
Craig F. and Lynn M. Rehberg3/29/2004
Robert Eugene Poindexter3/29/2004
Virginia Ferguson, f.k.a. Virginia Del Bosque, and Estate of Armand J. Del Bosque, Deceased, Lori Del Bosque, Special Administrator, et al.3/29/2004
Donald Tobkin4/5/2004
Estate of Sarah E. Greve, deceased, Charles E. Greve & David R. Greve, Co-Executors4/5/2004
Franco Robert and Linda Noel Stone4/5/2004
Stephen & Dawn Del Monico4/5/2004
James Dwain & Jill R. Haws4/6/2004
Johnny Owings Milam, Jr. and Brenda Ramsey Milam4/6/2004
David A. Brown4/6/2004
Alden L. Clopton and Yolanda Y. Clopton4/6/2004
Theresa E. Bartman, f.k.a. Theresa Albrecht4/6/2004
Jay Mukherjee4/7/2004
Scott William Katz4/7/2004
Hamid and Eolina Bajramovic4/7/2004
Cal Interiors Incorporated, et al.4/7/2004
Segudino and Delfa Razo4/9/2004
John A. Roberts4/9/2004
Neal N. and Ruby W. Viar4/12/2004
George Ira Nicol4/12/2004
Carolyn D. Ramirez4/12/2004
Angela Barriga, f.k.a. Angela Robledo4/15/2004
Carl Albert and Lorraine Rouse4/16/2004
Gregory Iannone4/19/2004
Russell L. Voorhees4/22/2004
Padgett Coventry Price4/22/2004
June H. Ginalski4/22/2004
IPO II, A Partnership, Gerald R. Forsythe, Tax Matters Partner4/23/2004
William H. Johnston and Nancy S. Johnston4/23/2004
Jerry B. and Donna E. Clawson4/23/2004
Charles A. Boyd and Darby A. Harvey4/27/2004
Kenneth E. Gilmore4/29/2004
Paul D. and Gudrun G. Weaver5/3/2004
Riggs National Corporation & Subsidiaries, f.k.a. Riggs National Bank and Subsidiaries5/3/2004
Basin Electric Power Cooperative5/3/2004
Richard William Corduan5/4/2004
James J. Milner and Marilyn R. Milner5/4/2004
Dover Corporation and Subsidiaries5/5/2004
Estate of Rose B. Posner, Deceased, David B. Posner, Personal Representative5/10/2004
Manuella Cantrell5/10/2004
Victor Woods5/11/2004
Paul S. Lindsey, Jr. and Kristen L. Lindsey5/11/2004
Larry E. and Barbara L. Andra5/11/2004
Samuel S. Lowe III and Nancy S. Lowe5/11/2004
PDV America, Inc. and Subsidiaries5/12/2004
George W. Moss and Gwendolyn Arline-Moss5/12/2004
Michael T. Hines5/12/2004
Estate of George C. Blount, Deceased, Fred B. Aftergut, Executor5/12/2004
Robert C. McKee and Valery W. McKee5/12/2004
Oren L. Benton5/12/2004
Conrad Janis and Maria G. Janis5/12/2004
Humberto M. Betancourt5/13/2004
Bernadette Williams5/13/2004
Chuks Anthony Mbanu5/13/2004
Ralph D. and Brenda Konchar5/13/2004
Carrie Dawn Murray, n.k.a. Carrie Dawn Weaver5/13/2004
Roman G. Satko5/14/2004
Raymond J. Davis5/14/2004
Vincent J. Boido, Jr. and Christine P. Boido5/14/2004
Shawn M. and Debra E. Swagler5/14/2004
Andre and Vena Nelson5/14/2004
Laura G. Cook5/17/2004
Antoinette J. Dato-Nodurft5/17/2004
James L. Jensen5/17/2004
Thomas Frederick Dadian and Lois Ann Dadian5/19/2004
Robert James Jaffe5/19/2004
Wayne E. and Ann L. Burk5/20/2004
Estate of Michel Dunia, Deceased, Renee Hawley and Michel Dunia, Jr., Executors and Trustees5/20/2004
Gwendolyn B. Smith5/20/2004
Lorianne Blake5/20/2004
Elmo B. and Donna L. Nunnemaker5/20/2004
Lauren Ostrow and Joseph Teiger5/21/2004
Michael Stein5/24/2004
Jorge Gallardo5/24/2004
Jack Carson Coleman5/25/2004
Edie D. Glass5/25/2004
Charles Durham5/25/2004
Steven H. and Anna J. Jensen5/26/2004
James Albert and Beverly Alderman5/26/2004
Marion Goldin5/27/2004
Melinda D. Rivera5/27/2004
John Marretta5/27/2004
Lionel D. Jones5/27/2004
Ralf Zacky5/27/2004
Teri Geisen Rooks5/27/2004
The Connell Business Company, et al.6/1/2004
Frank Chen6/1/2004
Said M. Karara6/2/2004
Faraidoon Emanie6/3/2004
Michael R. and Helen G. Joseph6/8/2004
William L. and Marsha G. Kidd6/10/2004
Mary Anne O'Loughlin6/10/2004
Robert B. Kemp, Jr.6/10/2004
James Dirks6/10/2004
Lyndon D. Sinele6/10/2004
William F. Urbano and Flota L. Urbano6/10/2004
Christine Whiting6/10/2004
Marty J. Meehan6/14/2004
Kenneth W. and Fayetta Graves6/15/2004
Lillie M. Petty6/17/2004
Keith and Janet Scherbart6/17/2004
Milton Craig Werner and Barbara K. Werner6/17/2004
Manuel Julian Diaz6/17/2004
Daniel J. Sides6/17/2004
Roy J. Chase6/17/2004
Paul McGowan6/21/2004
Chester L. Price6/22/2004
Jose Gracia and Nancy Gracia6/22/2004
Ralph J. and Joan B. Mirarchi6/22/2004
Estate of Jose Martinez, Deceased, Patrick G. Martinez, Personal Representative6/22/2004
Basil Nicholas Stephanatos6/22/2004
Luis Acle, Jr.6/23/2004
Sharon M. Rivera and Richard C. Rivera6/23/2004
Carolyn Ann Harris6/24/2004
Michael J. Sullivan and Maureen Sullivan6/24/2004
Derrick Elkins6/24/2004
Curtis Earl Moore6/28/2004
Robert B. Kemp, Jr.6/28/2004
Wanda P. Chocallo6/28/2004
Ismat M. Abeid6/29/2004
Kamil F. and Nagwa Gowni6/29/2004
Gregory L. Shireman6/29/2004
Tobias G. Ogu6/30/2004
Alphonse M. and Doris Esposito6/30/2004
Jerry L. and Valerie J. Hill6/30/2004
Keith and Cherie Orum7/1/2004
Albert R. Matthews7/1/2004
Jason R. Henderson7/1/2004
Thomas Henry Koppel7/6/2004
Karol Z. Widemon7/13/2004
Kathryn D. Mills7/13/2004
Estate of Algerine Allen Smith, Deceased, James Allen Smith, Executor7/13/2004
Mark Fowler and Joylyn Souter-Fowler7/13/2004
Mary J. Toney7/13/2004
Barry Appel7/14/2004
Jack A. Fleischli, a.k.a. Jack Forbes7/14/2004
Christine A. Dormer7/14/2004
Estate of David Katz, Deceased, Sarah Katz, Executrix7/14/2004
Harbor Cove Marina Partners Partnership, Robert A. Collins, A Partner Other Than The Tax Matters Partner7/15/2004
Michael Stephen Frate7/15/2004
Marcelo E. Ferrada and Gloria D. Ferrada7/19/2004
Peggy A. Farley7/19/2004
Billie Booker7/19/2004
Robert C. McKee and Valery W. McKee7/19/2004
Michael Zarky7/20/2004
James M. Robinette7/20/2004
N. Joseph Calarco7/20/2004
Cynthia J. Hall7/20/2004
Thomas G Collier7/21/2004
Edman and Debbie Kay Hackworth7/22/2004
Lawrence G. Williams7/22/2004
Tim W. Holliday7/22/2004
Diana Van Arsdalen, f.k.a. Diana Murray7/22/2004
Estate of Clifford C. Haugen7/26/2004
Moti G. Bijlani7/26/2004
Garnett E. Thorpe7/26/2004
Keith A. Brettin7/26/2004
Estate of Josephine T. Thompson, Deceased, Carl T. Holst-Knudsen and the Bank of New York, Executors7/26/2004
Joseph Emilio DiFlora7/27/2004
Elliot Virgil Wilkerson7/27/2004
Kurt Steven and Juanita Fay Urban7/27/2004
Kenneth J. Barela7/28/2004
Randall B. and Kay F. Ollett7/28/2004
Annisa M. Owens7/28/2004
Mediaworks, Inc.7/28/2004
Dale H. Sundby and Edith Littlefield Sundby7/28/2004
Philip Cullen7/28/2004
Joseph W. McBride8/2/2004
Lance A. Landers8/3/2004
George A. and Christine M. Evan8/3/2004
Will M. McEuen III and Tracy L. McEuen8/3/2004
Lawrence Michael Spanier8/3/2004
Ragnhild A. Westby8/3/2004
Annette L. Morello8/5/2004
Hugh Powell Arvin8/5/2004
Transport Labor Contract/Leasing, Inc. & Subsidiaries8/9/2004
Yakuba G. Brown8/10/2004
Vincent Michael Coomes8/10/2004
Nancy M. O'Neill, Petitioner, and Robert B. Wollow, Intervenor8/11/2004
Thomas Corson8/11/2004
Margaret A. Durham8/16/2004
Herbert C. Haynes, Inc.8/18/2004
Ryan David Funk8/18/2004
James E. Anderson and Cheryl J. Latos8/19/2004
WFO Corporation, et al.8/19/2004
Chester Valentine Gacioch8/23/2004
William G. Applegate8/24/2004
Brian Timothy Brunner8/24/2004
Kaing Chin and Hae Kyung Baek8/24/2004
Ralph W. Varner8/24/2004
Robert D. and Ana M. Shirley8/24/2004
Alexander Firsow and Camilla Thomas-Firsow, a.k.a. Camilla Thomas8/24/2004
Debra D. McNair8/25/2004
Maureen Monsour8/25/2004
Nedra Bolden8/25/2004
William D. and Joyce M. Reimels8/26/2004
Michael E. Yoakum8/26/2004
Robert Schwartz and Diane Schwartz8/26/2004
Milton M. Scarborough, Petitioner and Judy H. Scarborough Barrentine, Intervenor8/26/2004
Robert & Polly A. Gatlos8/26/2004
James G. Gilligan8/30/2004
Corey L. Wheir8/30/2004
Regina Missouri8/30/2004
Garwood Irrigation Company8/30/2004
Linda Olson8/31/2004
Amaro A. Taibo8/31/2004
Vanessa K. Bernardo8/31/2004
Brendt L. Smith8/31/2004
John Weller Wood, Jr., and Magdalena Frances Wood8/31/2004
James C. Blanning, Jr.9/1/2004
Lynda Wang9/1/2004
Thomas G. Brenner9/2/2004
Ivan N. Erdelyi and Lydia Erdelyi9/2/2004
Robert L. Tovar9/2/2004
Brian Montwillo9/7/2004
George N. Gerakios, a.k.a. Jorge N. Gerakios9/7/2004
Ronald L. DeVault9/7/2004
Ronald Lewis Boulden9/8/2004
Kevin Thompson9/8/2004
Mark W. and Anita P. Franklin9/9/2004
Robert P. Sweet and Dawnielle K. Lawson9/9/2004
John R. and Patricia G. Okerson9/9/2004
Rowland Setyono9/13/2004
Nancy A. Sjodin9/14/2004
Timothy J. Phelan and Deborah A. Phelan9/15/2004
Bradley M. and Monica Pixley9/15/2004
Robert Newstat9/16/2004
Jeffrey Scott and Nancy J. Robb9/16/2004
Menard, Inc.9/16/2004
Paul Bryan Barrett9/16/2004
Gary M. Dashiell and Frances J. Dashiell9/20/2004
Tony R. Carlos and Judith D. Carlos9/20/2004
Albert M. Kun9/20/2004
David A. Brown9/20/2004
Estate of Antoinette Hartsell, Deceased, Donald C. Renbarger, Personal Representative9/21/2004
Della H. Knorr and Duane J. Knorr9/21/2004
Theresa E. Brady9/21/2004
Tibor Guenther Horwath and Christel Horwath9/21/2004
Mark R. Halcott9/22/2004
Jean I. Tedford9/22/2004
Jane Freed9/23/2004
George and Angeline Lattera9/23/2004
Margie E. Robertson9/27/2004
Christina Wentland9/27/2004
Joseph A. and Carol DelVecchio9/27/2004
Louis C. Jones9/27/2004
Joseph F. and Caroline Enos9/27/2004
Curtis and Mary Ettesvold9/28/2004
Beiner, Inc.9/28/2004
The Charles Schwab Corporation and Subsidiaries9/29/2004
Darlene R. Esposito, a.k.a. Amnesty National9/29/2004
Charlotte Marie Scott9/30/2004
Zacarias Lapid and Ma Delaila Lapid10/4/2004
Larry R. Johnston10/5/2004
Richard Hamzik10/5/2004
Travis D. Hiland10/6/2004
Janet L. Pickering10/6/2004
Leonard O. Parker, Jr.10/6/2004
Benedict John Casey10/7/2004
Zoilo A. Urena10/7/2004
Mitchell F. Skrizowski10/7/2004
Jean G. Joseph10/7/2004
Norma A. Cohen10/7/2004
Carolyn Lamb10/12/2004
Wendlyn H. Albin10/12/2004
Gary W. and Darlene E. White10/12/2004
Kathryn Ann Picchiottino10/12/2004
Scott Perry Picchiottino10/12/2004
Philip L. and Sara N. Eckert10/13/2004
Lucinda A. Yazzie10/13/2004
Greg Olson10/13/2004
James Brian Medis10/13/2004
Stewart and Shirley Oatman10/14/2004
Theodore W. Banis, Jr.10/14/2004
Sharon J. Fix10/14/2004
Hector Castillo and Mooneem Castillo10/14/2004
Fred Allnutt10/18/2004
Sioana U. and S. Moli Ngatuvai10/18/2004
Natalie W. McGee10/18/2004
Geoffrey K. Calderone10/19/2004
Linh N. Nguyen10/20/2004
Dawn E. Giles10/21/2004
Jack A. and Theresa Y. Smith10/21/2004
William C. Eberhardt, Jr. and Susan A. Eberhardt10/21/2004
Ozie R. M. Quarterman10/21/2004
St. Luc Valbrun10/25/2004
Thomas F. Noons10/26/2004
Marvin B. Hubbard10/26/2004
Roger L. Watkins10/26/2004
John R. Rinn and Donnie J. Rinn10/27/2004
DeLinda ViAnne Rogers10/27/2004
Ray E. Mason10/28/2004
Richard Rewerts11/1/2004
Clifford L. Brody and Barbara J. Declerk11/1/2004
Daniel S. and Christi L. Smith11/3/2004
Duane A. Dworshak11/3/2004
Rita Grant Ndirika11/3/2004
Jerry Howard-Crowley11/3/2004
Elliot S. and Darlene M. Saffran11/4/2004
David G. Turner11/4/2004
Clyde Everton Allsopp11/8/2004
Robert Lee McElroy, Jr.11/8/2004
Brad and Teri Montagne11/8/2004
Michael E. Vierow11/8/2004
Thomas Samuel Lear11/8/2004
Steed Wells11/8/2004
Greg William Gouveia, a.k.a. Greg W. Gouveia, a.k.a. Greg Gouveia & Carol Ann Gorveia, a.k.a. Carol Gouveia, et al.11/9/2004
Maurice E. John, Jr. and Jan E. John11/9/2004
Hoora Rahimi and Isaac William Hammond11/10/2004
Laura A. Gavigan11/10/2004
Isabel Molina and Isaac Molina, Jr.11/10/2004
Fay B. Edwards11/15/2004
Barry E. Moore and Deborah E. Moore11/15/2004
Roy L. Hutchinson11/15/2004
Joseph R. Rollins11/15/2004
Roger Leslie Wolman and Caroline R. Wolman11/16/2004
Mary A. George11/16/2004
Steven J. and Terry L. Namyst11/17/2004
Robert Lee, Jr.11/18/2004
Thomas N. Coccia11/18/2004
Joe Shelby Griffith11/22/2004
Ingrid Capehart11/22/2004
Kenneth and Dorothy Hitchen11/22/2004
Donald J. Barnes and Beverly A. Edwards, f.k.a. Beverly A. Barnes11/22/2004
Maria Antoinette Walton Mitchell and Larry G. Mitchell11/23/2004
Gary D. and Johnean F. Hansen11/24/2004
David C. Roark and Estate of Irene Roark, Deceased, David C. Roark, Executor11/29/2004
Eric B. Benson, et al.11/29/2004
John E. Buras11/29/2004
John and Yoon Ja Biazar11/29/2004
Albert M. Kun11/30/2004
Quentin Paul DeFore11/30/2004
DeAnna S. Dotson and Robert L. Dotson12/1/2004
Maria Neris Zelaya12/1/2004
Susan L. Abelein12/2/2004
Ronald F. and Cynthia G. Van Scoten12/6/2004
Louise Coleman, Petitioner, Fred L. Nubin, Intervenor12/6/2004
Jacob R. and Jackie L. Bouch12/6/2004
Dina DeSalvo12/6/2004
Evans A. Mbachu12/7/2004
James G. and Linda C. Jaroff12/8/2004
Linda Mitchell12/8/2004
Roland Gyula Szasz12/9/2004
Fredric Arlan Dubray12/13/2004
Clara L. Prevo12/14/2004
Barbara Drake12/14/2004
Glenn A. Mortensen12/15/2004
Delaware Corp., et al.12/16/2004
Timothy R. Becherer12/20/2004
Hilary Harry Sax12/20/2004
Orneal and Martha Kooyers, et al.12/20/2004
James P. Ellis12/20/2004
David and Ludmila Klet12/20/2004
James Edward and Brenda Dianne Starkovich12/21/2004
Stephen James Caputi12/22/2004
Marie Suze Bien-Aime12/27/2004
Mumtaz A. Ali12/27/2004
Nasser and Shahpar Golshani12/27/2004
Howard Dysle12/27/2004
Estate of Howard Gilman, Deceased, Bernard D. Bergreen and Natalie Moody, Executors12/28/2004
Michael J. Barkley12/28/2004
Vicki Jo James12/28/2004
Lionel D. Kolker12/29/2004

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