ARTICLE 4 - Effect of Recording, or the Want Thereof | Califonrnia Civil Code - CIV | Section 1213.

1213. Every conveyance of real property or an estate for years therein acknowledged or proved and certified and recorded as prescribed by law from the time it is filed with the recorder for record is constructive notice of the contents thereof to subsequent purchasers and mortgagees; and a certified copy of such a recorded conveyance may be recorded in any other county and when so recorded the record thereof shall have the same force and effect as though it was of the original conveyance and where the original conveyance has been recorded in any county wherein the property therein mentioned is not situated a certified copy of the recorded conveyance may be recorded in the county where such property is situated with the same force and effect as if the original conveyance had been recorded in that county.

(Amended by Stats. 1989, Ch. 698, Sec. 1.)

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Last modified: July 19, 2016