Article 1. Lost Money and Goods - California Civil Code Section 2080.1

2080.1.  (a) If the owner is unknown or has not claimed the
property, the person saving or finding the property shall, if the
property is of the value of one hundred dollars ($100) or more,
within a reasonable time turn the property over to the police
department of the city or city and county, if found therein, or to
the sheriff's department of the county if found outside of city
limits, and shall make an affidavit, stating when and where he or she
found or saved the property, particularly describing it. If the
property was saved, the affidavit shall state:
   (1) From what and how it was saved.
   (2) Whether the owner of the property is known to the affiant.
   (3) That the affiant has not secreted, withheld, or disposed of
any part of the property.
   (b) The police department or the sheriff's department shall notify
the owner, if his or her identity is reasonably ascertainable, that
it possesses the property and where it may be claimed. The police
department or sheriff's department may require payment by the owner
of a reasonable charge to defray costs of storage and care of the
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Last modified: February 16, 2015