Article 1. Lost Money and Goods - California Civil Code Section 2080

2080.  Any person who finds a thing lost is not bound to take charge
of it, unless the person is otherwise required to do so by contract
or law, but when the person does take charge of it he or she is
thenceforward a depositary for the owner, with the rights and
obligations of a depositary for hire. Any person or any public or
private entity that finds and takes possession of any money, goods,
things in action, or other personal property, or saves any domestic
animal from harm, neglect, drowning, or starvation, shall, within a
reasonable time, inform the owner, if known, and make restitution
without compensation, except a reasonable charge for saving and
taking care of the property. Any person who takes possession of a
live domestic animal shall provide for humane treatment of the

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Last modified: February 16, 2015