Article 1. General - California Government Code Section 831.4

831.4.  A public entity, public employee, or a grantor of a public
easement to a public entity for any of the following purposes, is not
liable for an injury caused by a condition of:
   (a) Any unpaved road which provides access to fishing, hunting,
camping, hiking, riding, including animal and all types of vehicular
riding, water sports, recreational or scenic areas and which is not a
(1) city street or highway or (2) county, state or federal highway
or (3) public street or highway of a joint highway district,
boulevard district, bridge and highway district or similar district
formed for the improvement or building of public streets or highways.
   (b) Any trail used for the above purposes.
   (c) Any paved trail, walkway, path, or sidewalk on an easement of
way which has been granted to a public entity, which easement
provides access to any unimproved property, so long as such public
entity shall reasonably attempt to provide adequate warnings of the
existence of any condition of the paved trail, walkway, path, or
sidewalk which constitutes a hazard to health or safety. Warnings
required by this subdivision shall only be required where pathways
are paved, and such requirement shall not be construed to be a
standard of care for any unpaved pathways or roads.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015