43 USC - Public Lands

Title 43 - Public Lands

Chapter 1 - Bureau of Land Management
§ 1 Repealed.]
§ 2 Duties concerning public lands
§ 3 Repealed.]
§ 3a Omitted
§ 6 Duties of employees to certify, record, etc., patents
§ 7 Repealed.]
§ 8 Omitted
§ 9 Repealed.]
§ 10 Repealed.]
§ 11 Restriction on officers, clerks, and employees
§ 12 Seal, books, and records
§ 13 Original papers on file as evidence
§ 14 Returns relative to lands
§ 15 Issuance and signing of patents by Secretary of the Interior; delegation of authority; notice
§ 16 Engrossing and recording patents
§ 17 Plats of land surveyed
§ 18 Copies of papers filed
§ 22 Repealed.]
§ 23 Repealed.]
§ 24 Repealed.]
Chapter 2 - United States Geological Survey
§ 31 Director of United States Geological Survey
§ 31a Findings and purpose
§ 31b Definitions
§ 31c Geologic mapping program
§ 31d Advisory committee
§ 31e Geologic mapping program 5-year plan
§ 31f National geologic map database
§ 31g Biennial report
§ 31h Authorization of appropriations
§ 31i Report on resource research activities
§ 31j Biological research activity of Survey; review and report by National Academy of Sciences
§ 32 Acting Director
§ 33 Repealed.]
§ 34 Scientific employees
§ 35 Repealed.]
§ 36 Purchase of books
§ 36a Acquisition of scientific or technical books, maps, etc., for library
§ 36b Acquisition of lands or interests therein for use in gaging streams or underground water resources
§ 36c Acceptance of contributions from public and private sources; cooperation with other agencies in prosecution of projects
§ 36d Cooperative agreements
§ 37 Omitted
§ 38 Topographic surveys; marking elevations
§ 41 Publications and reports; preparation and sale
§ 42 Distribution of maps and atlases, etc.
§ 42a Use of receipts from sale of maps for map printing and distribution
§ 43 Copies to Senators, Representatives, and Delegates
§ 44 Sale of transfers or copies of data
§ 45 Production and sale of copies of photographs and records; disposition of receipts
§ 46 Omitted
§ 47 Repealed.]
§ 48 Omitted
§ 49 Extension of cooperative work to Puerto Rico
§ 50 Survey’s share of cost of topographic mapping or water resources investigations carried on with States
§ 50-1 Funds for mappings and investigations considered intragovernmental funds
§ 50a Working capital fund for United States Geological Survey
§ 50b Recording of obligations against accounts receivable and crediting of amounts received; work involving cooperation with State, Territory, etc.
§ 50c Payment of costs incidental to utilization of services of volunteers
§ 50d Services of students or recent graduates
Chapter 3 - Surveys
§ 51 Omitted
§ 52 Surveying duties
§ 53 Powers devolved on Secretary of the Interior on turning over of papers to States
§ 54 Completion of surveys; delivery to States
§ 55 Field notes delivered to States; access to
§ 56 Conditions of delivery to States
§ 57 Authenticated copies or extracts from records as evidence
§ 58 Transcripts from records of Louisiana
§ 59 Official papers in office of surveyor general in California; copies
§ 60 Stationery for mineral surveys
Chapter 4 - District Land Offices
§ 74 Omitted
§ 75 Administration of oaths
§ 79c Payment of fees, commissions, etc.; deposit in Treasury
§ 79d Alaska land claimant liable for fees, commissions or purchase money; deposit in Treasury
§ 81 Repealed.]
§ 82 Repealed.]
§ 83 Transcripts of records as evidence
§ 84 Repealed.]
§ 85 Omitted
§ 86 Accounting for fees for notices of cancellation of entries
§ 89 Monthly returns of district land offices
§ 90 Omitted
§ 91 Deposit in Treasury of unearned fees and unofficial moneys
§ 92 Lists furnished with deposits
§ 93 Deposit of moneys deposited by unknown parties
§ 94 Reimbursement of sums disbursed as special disbursing agents
§ 99 Repayment of moneys deposited and covered into Treasury
§ 100 Disqualification
§ 101 Report of disqualification; designation of officer to act
§ 102 Attendance of witnesses
§ 103 Witnesses’ fees
§ 104 Disobedience to subpoena
§ 105 Depositions of witnesses residing outside county
§ 106 Continuing taking of depositions in behalf of opposite party
§ 107 Penalty for false information
Chapter 5 - Land Districts
§ 121 Discontinuance of land offices by President
§ 122 Discontinuance of land offices by Secretary of the Interior
§ 123 Continuance of land offices when required by public convenience
§ 123a Continuation of existing land districts and offices in Alaska; change of district boundaries, or discontinuance of districts; designation and location of land offices
§ 124 Consolidation of land offices
§ 125 Annexation of discontinued district to adjacent district
§ 126 Change of location of land offices
§ 127 Change of boundaries of land districts
§ 128 Division or change of boundaries; continuance of business of original district
§ 129 Office rent and clerk hire for consolidated land offices
§ 130 Entry of public lands in States where no land offices exist
Chapter 6 - Withdrawal From Settlement, Location, Sale, or Entry
§ 141 Repealed.]
§ 142 Rights of occupants or claimants of oil- or gas-bearing lands; exceptions to withdrawals
§ 143 Repealed.]
§ 144 Entries on land withdrawn as valuable for oil or gas validated
§ 145 Sale of lands withdrawn
§ 146 Patents to purchasers of lands withdrawn
§ 147 Disposition of proceeds of sale of withdrawn lands
§ 148 Repealed.]
§ 149 Exchange of private lands included in Indian reservation for other lands
§ 150 Withdrawals of land for Indian reservations prohibited
§ 151 Opening of lands restored to entry after withdrawals
§ 152 Restoration of lands previously withdrawn
§ 153 Reservation of lands in North Dakota
§ 154 Vacation of withdrawals under reclamation law; lands valuable for minerals; reservation of rights, ways, and easements; rules and regulations
§ 155 Withdrawal, reservation, or restriction of public lands for defense purposes; "public lands" defined; exception
§ 156 Approval by Congress necessary for withdrawal, reservation, or restriction of over 5,000 acres for any Department of Defense project or facility
§ 157 Application for withdrawal, reservation, or restriction; specifications
§ 158 Mineral resources on withdrawn lands; disposition and exploration
Chapter 7 - Homesteads
Subchapter I - General Provisions
§ 165 Transferred
§ 176 Repealed.]
§ 177 Patents for lands in New Mexico held under color of title
§ 178 Patents for lands in New Mexico; lands contiguous to Spanish or Mexican land grants
Subchapter II - Right of Particular Persons to Make Entry
§ 181 Repealed.]
Subchapter III - Lands Subject to Entry
§ 209 Extension of public-land laws to certain lands in Oklahoma
§ 210 Recognition of equitable claims on certain lands in Oklahoma; validation of homestead entries
Subchapter IV - Limitation as to Amount and Additional and Enlarged Entries
Subchapter V - Leaves of Absence and Excuses for Nonresidence or Noncultivation
Subchapter VI - Final Proof Generally
Subchapter VII - Payments and Refunds
§ 261 Repealed.]
§ 262 Repealed.]
§ 263 Repealed.]
Subchapter VIII - Alaska Homesteads
§ 270 Repealed.]
§ 270-4 Repealed.]
§ 270-11 Repealed.]
§ 270-12 Disposal by United States of coal, oil, or gas deposits reserved to United States; entry, reentry, etc., on lands for prospecting, mining, and removal
Subchapter IX - Soldiers and Sailors Homestead
Subchapter X - Stock-raising Homestead
§ 299 Reservation of coal and mineral rights
§ 300 Repealed.]
§ 301 Rules and regulations
§ 302 Repealed.]
Chapter 8A - Grazing Lands
Subchapter I - Generally
§ 315 Grazing districts; establishment; restrictions; prior rights; rights-of-way; hearing and notice; hunting or fishing rights
§ 315a Protection, administration, regulation, and improvement of districts; rules and regulations; study of erosion and flood control; offenses
§ 315b Grazing permits; fees; vested water rights; permits not to create right in land
§ 315c Fences, wells, reservoirs, and other improvements; construction; permits; partition fences
§ 315d Grazing stock for domestic purposes; use of natural resources
§ 315e Rights of way; development of mineral resources
§ 315f Homestead entry within district or withdrawn lands; classification; preferences
§ 315h Cooperation with associations, land officials, and agencies engaged in conservation or propagation of wildlife; local hearings on appeals; acceptance and use of contributions
§ 315i Disposition of moneys received; availability for improvements
§ 315j Appropriation of moneys received; application of public-land laws to Indian ceded lands; application for mineral title to lands
§ 315k Cooperation with governmental departments; coordination of range administration
§ 315l Lands under national-forest administration
§ 315m Lease of isolated or disconnected tracts for grazing; preferences
§ 315m-1 Lease of State, county, or privately owned lands; period of lease; rental
§ 315m-2 Administration of leased lands
§ 315m-3 Availability of contributions received
§ 315m-4 Disposition of receipts; availability for leasing of land
§ 315n State police power not abridged
§ 315o Repealed.]
§ 315o-1 Board of grazing district advisers; composition; meetings; duties
§ 315o-2 Animals and equipment for field employees
§ 315p Repealed.]
§ 315q Withdrawal of lands for war or national defense purposes; payment for cancellation of permits or licenses
§ 315r Rental payments in advance in case of withdrawal of lands for war or national defense purposes
Subchapter II - Alaska
§ 316 Declaration of policy
§ 316a Definitions
§ 316b Grazing districts
§ 316c Alteration of grazing districts
§ 316d Notice of establishment and alteration of grazing district; hearings
§ 316e Preferences
§ 316f Terms and conditions of lease
§ 316g Grazing fees
§ 316h Dispositions of receipts
§ 316i Assignment of leases
§ 316j Improvements to leasehold
§ 316k Penalties
§ 316l Stock driveways and free grazing
§ 316m Hearing and appeals
§ 316n Administration
§ 316o Laws applicable
Chapter 9 - Desert-land Entries
§ 321 Entry right generally; extent of right to appropriate waters
§ 322 Desert lands defined; question how determined
§ 323 Application to certain States
§ 324 Assignment of entries
§ 325 Resident citizenship of State as qualification for entry
§ 326 Unsurveyed lands not subject to entry; preferential right of entry after survey
§ 327 Filing irrigation plan; association of entrymen
§ 328 Expenditures and cultivation requirements
§ 329 Issue of patent on final proof; citizenship requirement as to patentee; limit as to amount of holding
§ 330 Desert-land entry in addition to homestead entry
§ 331 Reclamation requirements waived in favor of disabled soldiers, etc.
§ 332 Omitted
§ 333 Extension of time for completion of irrigation works
§ 334 Further extension of time for final proofs
§ 335 Further extension in cases not covered by sections 333 and 334 of this title
§ 336 Further extension in addition to that authorized by sections 333 to 335 of this title
§ 336c Omitted
§ 336d Repealed.]
§ 337 Entry, after expenditures, perfected as homestead entry
§ 338 Election to perfect entry; final proof
§ 339 Perfection of title to entry; supplementary provisions to sections 335, 337, and 338
Chapter 10 - Underground-water Reclamation Grants
§ 356 Repealed.]
Chapter 11 - Discovery, Development, and Marking of Water Holes, Etc., by Government
§ 361 Authority to explore for, develop, and mark water holes, etc.
§ 362 Injury to signposts and filling up or fouling water supply
§ 363 Rules and regulations by Secretary
Chapter 11A - Board on Geographic Names
§ 364 Uniformity in geographic nomenclature and orthography; exercise of functions of Secretary of the Interior
§ 364a Board on Geographic Names; establishment and membership; appointment and term of office
§ 364b Formulation of principles, policies and procedures; action by Secretary; recommendations of Board
§ 364c Studies, investigations, and records; staff assistance; advisory committees
§ 364d Promulgation of decisions; furnishing information
§ 364e Standardization of geographic names; abolition of United States Board on Geographical Names in Department of the Interior; transfer of duties
§ 364f Application to naming of offices or establishments
Chapter 12 - Reclamation and Irrigation of Lands by Federal Government
Subchapter I - General Provisions
§ 371 Definitions
§ 372 Water right as appurtenant to land and extent of right
§ 373 General authority of Secretary of the Interior
§ 373a Commissioner of Reclamation; appointment
§ 373a-1 Repealed.]
§ 373b Law enforcement authority at Bureau of Reclamation facilities
§ 373c Definitions
§ 373d Grants and cooperative agreements with Indian tribes and organizations
§ 373e Bureau of Reclamation site security
§ 374 Sale of lands acquired in connection with irrigation project
§ 375 Sale of land improved at expense of reclamation fund
§ 375a Sale under sections 374 and 375 of lands appraised at not exceeding $300
§ 375b Disposal of tracts too small to be classed farm units
§ 375c Sales of small tracts to resident farm owners and entrymen; price; terms; acreage purchasable
§ 375d Issuance of patent for small tracts; reservations
§ 375e Moneys from sale of small tracts covered into reclamation fund; credit
§ 375f Rules and regulations
§ 376 Return of land donations not needed
§ 377 General expenses of Bureau of Reclamation chargeable to general reclamation fund
§ 377a Limitation on use of funds where organizations or individuals are in arrears on contract charges
§ 377b Availability of appropriations for Bureau of Reclamation
§ 378 Omitted
§ 379 Purchase of scientific books, law books, etc.
§ 380 Repealed.]
§ 381 Repealed.]
§ 382 Repealed.]
§ 383 Vested rights and State laws unaffected
§ 384 Extension of time for payment of charges accrued prior to March 2, 1924, and January 1, 1925
§ 385 Repealed.]
§ 385a Payments to school districts for education of dependents of construction personnel; cooperative arrangements; chargeable to project
§ 385b Repealed.]
§ 385c Omitted
§ 386 Application of excess-land provisions of reclamation laws to certain lands
§ 387 Removal of sand, gravel, etc.; leases, easements, etc.
§ 388 Contracts for materials; liability of United States
§ 389 Relocation of highways, railroads, transmission lines, etc., exchange of water, water rights or electric energy
§ 390 Utilization of dams and reservoir projects for irrigation purposes; additional construction; necessity of authorization; apportionment of cost; limitation
§ 390a Repealed.]
§ 390b Development of water supplies for domestic, municipal, industrial, and other purposes
§ 390c Water reservoirs; interests of States and local agencies in storage space
§ 390d Dams and reservoirs wherein costs thereof, or rights thereto, have been acquired by local interests
§ 390e Rights, acquisition and availability of; obligation for operation and maintenance; costs for reconstruction, rehabilitation, or replacement; use during Government operation or by contract
§ 390f Revision of leases or agreements to evidence conversion of rights to use of storage rights
§ 390g Groundwater recharge of aquifers; demonstration program
§ 390g-1 Phase I of groundwater recharge demonstration program
§ 390g-2 Phase II of groundwater recharge demonstration program
§ 390g-3 Evaluation of water quality impacts
§ 390g-4 Authorization of appropriations to carry out phase I
§ 390g-5 Authorization of appropriations to carry out phase II
§ 390g-6 Matching basis for funding phase II from non-Federal sources
§ 390g-7 New spending authority
§ 390g-8 Interstate transfer of water from Arkansas
§ 390h Program to investigate reclamation and reuse of wastewater and groundwater; general authority
§ 390h-1 Appraisal investigations
§ 390h-2 Feasibility studies
§ 390h-3 Research and demonstration projects
§ 390h-4 Southern California comprehensive water reclamation and reuse study
§ 390h-5 San Jose area water reclamation and reuse program
§ 390h-6 Phoenix metropolitan water reclamation study and program
§ 390h-7 Tucson area water reclamation study
§ 390h-8 Lake Cheraw water reclamation and reuse study
§ 390h-9 San Francisco area water reclamation study
§ 390h-10 San Diego area water reclamation program
§ 390h-11 Los Angeles area water reclamation and reuse project
§ 390h-12 San Gabriel basin demonstration project
§ 390h-12a North San Diego County Area Water Recycling Project
§ 390h-12b Calleguas Municipal Water District Recycling Project
§ 390h-12c Central Valley Water Recycling Project
§ 390h-12d St. George Area Water Recycling Project
§ 390h-12e Watsonville Area Water Recycling Project
§ 390h-12f Southern Nevada Water Recycling Project
§ 390h-12g Albuquerque Metropolitan Area Water Reclamation and Reuse Project
§ 390h-12h El Paso Water Reclamation and Reuse Project
§ 390h-12i Reclaimed water in Pasadena
§ 390h-12j Orange County Regional Water Reclamation Project
§ 390h-12k City of West Jordan Water Reuse Project
§ 390h-12l Hi-Desert Water District in Yucca Valley, California wastewater collection and reuse facility
§ 390h-12m Mission Basin Brackish Groundwater Desalting Demonstration Project
§ 390h-12n Treatment of effluent from sanitation districts of Los Angeles County through city of Long Beach
§ 390h-12o San Joaquin Area Water Recycling and Reuse Project
§ 390h-12p Tooele Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Project
§ 390h-13 Authorization of appropriations
§ 390h-14 Groundwater study
§ 390h-15 Authorization of appropriations
§ 390h-16 Willow Lake Natural Treatment System Project
§ 390h-17 Lakehaven, Washington, Water Reclamation and Reuse Project
§ 390h-17a Transferred
§ 390h-18 Irvine basin groundwater and surface water improvement projects
§ 390h-19 Williamson County, Texas, water recycling and reuse project
§ 390h-20 Hawaii reclamation projects
§ 390h-21 Inland Empire regional water recycling project
§ 390h-22 Cucamonga Valley water recycling project
§ 390h-23 Southern California desert region integrated water and economic sustainability plan
§ 390h-24 Eastern Municipal Water District recycled water system pressurization and expansion project, California
§ 390h-25 Mountain View, Moffett Area reclaimed water pipeline project
§ 390h-26 Pittsburg recycled water project
§ 390h-27 Antioch recycled water project
§ 390h-28 North Coast County Water District recycled water project
§ 390h-29 Redwood City recycled water project
§ 390h-30 South Santa Clara County recycled water project
§ 390h-31 South Bay advanced recycled water treatment facility
§ 390h-32 Rancho California Water District project, California
§ 390h-33 Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District projects, California
§ 390h-34 North Bay Water Reuse Program
§ 390h-35 Prado Basin natural treatment system project
§ 390h-36 Lower Chino Dairy Area desalination demonstration and reclamation project
§ 390h-37 Oxnard, California, water reclamation, reuse, and treatment project
§ 390h-38 Yucaipa Valley regional water supply renewal project
§ 390h-39 City of Corona Water Utility, California, water recycling and reuse project
Subchapter I-A - Reclamation Reform
§ 390aa Congressional declaration of purpose; short title
§ 390bb Definitions
§ 390cc New or amended contracts
§ 390dd Limitation on ownership
§ 390ee Pricing
§ 390ff Certification of compliance
§ 390gg Equivalency
§ 390hh Operation and maintenance charges
§ 390ii Disposition of excess lands
§ 390jj Water conservation
§ 390kk Residency not required
§ 390ll Corps of Engineers projects
§ 390mm Repayment of construction charges
§ 390nn Trusts
§ 390oo Temporary supplies of water
§ 390pp Involuntary foreclosure
§ 390qq Isolated tracts
§ 390rr Central Arizona Project
§ 390ss Religious or charitable organizations
§ 390tt Contract required
§ 390uu Waiver of sovereign immunity
§ 390vv Excess crop restrictions
§ 390ww Administrative provisions
§ 390xx Validation of contracts entered into prior to October 1, 1981
§ 390yy Leasing requirements
§ 390zz Reporting
§ 390zz-1 Severability
Subchapter II - Reclamation Fund Generally
§ 391 Establishment of "reclamation fund"
§ 391a Advances to reclamation fund
§ 391a-1 Increase in reclamation fund; reimbursement of advances from Treasury
§ 391b Omitted
§ 392 Payments into reclamation fund of moneys received from entrymen and water right applicants
§ 392a Payment into reclamation fund of receipts from irrigation projects; transfer of power revenues to General Treasury after repayment of construction costs
§ 393 Proceeds from sale of materials, etc.
§ 394 Proceeds from sale of products of or leases of withdrawn or reserved lands
§ 395 Contributions by State, municipality, etc.
§ 396 Return of contributions to cooperative investigations of projects
§ 397 Advances by Government for completion of projects initiated prior to June 25, 1910
§ 397a Advances for operation and maintenance of projects
§ 398 Sales of Government certificates to obtain funds for advances
§ 399 Omitted
§ 400 Advances as item of cost of construction and maintenance of project
§ 401 Amounts collected from defaulting contractors and their sureties
§ 402 Omitted
Subchapter II-A - Reclamation Water Settlements Fund
§ 407 Reclamation Water Settlements Fund
Subchapter III - Institution and Construction of Projects
§ 411 Surveys for, location, and construction of irrigation works generally
§ 411a Repealed.]
§ 411a-1 Authorization of appropriations for investigations of feasibility of reclamation projects
§ 411b Employment of engineers, geologists, appraisers and economists for reclamation consultation work; compensation; retired Army and Navy officers as consulting engineers
§ 412 Prerequisites to initiation of project or division of project
§ 413 Approval of project by President
§ 414 Appropriation for projects essential
§ 415 Receipts applicable to project generally
§ 416 Laws applicable to withdrawn lands; restoration to entry
§ 417 Reservation of easements in public lands for reclamation projects
§ 418 Private lands within project; agreement as to disposal of excess over farm unit
§ 419 Contract for irrigation project; notice as to lands irrigable, unit of entry, and construction charges
§ 420 Use of earth, timber, etc., from other public lands
§ 421 Acquisition of lands for irrigation project; eminent domain
§ 421a Construction of distribution and drainage systems by irrigation districts or public agencies
§ 421b Loans for construction of distribution and drainage systems; repayment contract; time period for repayment of loan; "irrigation district or other public agency" defined
§ 421c Conditions of loan for distribution and drainage systems; reconveyance by Secretary of lands, interests in lands, and distribution works heretofore conveyed to the United States; conditions of reconveyance; rights of way
§ 421d Effect on existing laws
§ 421e Municipal and industrial water supply delivery and distribution; allocation of loan funds; loan repayment contract requirements; rate of interest
§ 421f Existing loan contracts; negotiation by Secretary of amendments
§ 421g Existing rights unaffected
§ 421h Procedural and substantive requirements applicable to works financed by loans pursuant to sections 421a to 421h of this title
§ 422 Construction of dams across Yellowstone River
Subchapter IV - Construction of Small Projects
§ 422a Declaration of purpose
§ 422b Definitions
§ 422c Proposals; submission; payment for cost of examination
§ 422d Contents of proposals
§ 422e Contract requirements
§ 422f Proposals for projects previously authorized; waiver of requirements; approval; negotiation of contract
§ 422g Information from Federal agencies; costs
§ 422h Planning and construction; transfer of funds
§ 422i Rules and regulations
§ 422j Appropriations; notice to Congress of receipt of proposal; funds to initiate proposal; availability of appropriations; reimbursement; limitations on expenditures in any single State; waiver
§ 422k Supplement to Federal reclamation laws; short title
§ 422k-1 Loan contracts for deferment of repayment installments; amendment or supplementation
§ 422l Application of this subchapter to Hawaii
Subchapter V - Administration of Existing Projects
§ 423 Permanently unproductive lands; exclusion from project; disposition of water right
§ 423a Construction charges on permanently unproductive lands already paid; disposition
§ 423b Suspension of payment of construction charges against areas temporarily unproductive
§ 423c Exchange of unpatented entries; entries, farms or private lands, eliminated from project; rights not assignable; rights of lienholders; preference to ex-service men
§ 423d Amendment of existing water right contracts by Secretary of the Interior
§ 423e Completion of new projects or new division; execution of contract with district as condition precedent to delivery of water; contents of contract; cooperation of States with United States; limitations on sale of land
§ 423f Purpose of sections 423 to 423g and 610
§ 423g Adjustment of water right charges as final adjudication on projects and divisions named
§ 423h Delivery of water to excess lands upon death of spouse
§ 424 Disposal of lands classified as temporarily or permanently unproductive; persons who may take
§ 424a Sale of unproductive lands; terms; area purchasable; tracts included
§ 424b Application of certain statutes to lands sold
§ 424c Issuance of patents; recitals in patents; reservations
§ 424d Use of moneys collected from sales, project construction charges and water rentals respecting unproductive lands
§ 424e Authority of Secretary of the Interior; rules and regulations
§ 425 Exemption of lands owned by States, etc., from acreage limitation on receipt of irrigation benefits; determination of exempt status
§ 425a Eligibility of transferred lands owned by States, etc., for receipt of water from a Federal reclamation project, division, or unit; conditions of eligibility; purchase price
§ 425b Receipt of project water by lessees of irrigable lands owned by States, etc.; time limitation; applicability of acreage limitations
Subchapter VI - Water Right Applications and Land Entries
§ 431 Limitation as to amount of water; qualifications of applicant
§ 432 Entry under homestead laws generally
§ 433 Character and capital qualification of entrymen
§ 433a Preference of needy families
§ 434 Amount of land for which entry may be made; farm unit; subdivision of lands
§ 435 Entries in excess of farm unit
§ 436 Time when entry may be made generally
§ 437 Lands as to which entries made prior to June 25, 1910, have been relinquished
§ 438 Repealed.]
§ 439 Cultivation requirement as to entrymen
§ 440 Regulations as to use of water and requirements as to cultivation and reclamation of land; cancellation for noncompliance with requirements
§ 441 Assignment of entries generally
§ 442 Assignment between June 23, 1910, and January 1, 1913, confirmed
§ 443 Limitation of amount of land holdable under assignment of entry
§ 446 Right to make entry on relinquishment of former entry under land laws
§ 447 Relinquishment of homestead entry and making new entry
§ 448 Desert-land entries within reclamation project generally
§ 449 Assignment of desert-land entry within project
Subchapter VII - Exchange and Amendment of Farm Units
§ 451 Conditions necessary for exchange; terms; credits; rights nonassignable
§ 451a Persons eligible for benefits
§ 451b Irrigation construction charges
§ 451c Cancellation of charges or liens; credits
§ 451d Disposal of improvements; water rights; revertibility of relinquished land
§ 451e Amendment of farm unit; application; amount of land; exchange; waiver
§ 451f Exchanges subject to mortgage contracts
§ 451g Preferences; veterans; timely applicants
§ 451h Establishment of farm units; size; contiguous or noncontiguous
§ 451i "Federal irrigation project" defined
§ 451j Rules and regulations
§ 451k Availability of appropriations; expenses as nonreimbursable
Subchapter VIII - Taxation
§ 455 State taxation; lands of homestead entryman
§ 455a State taxation; lands of desert-land entryman
§ 455b State tax as lien upon lands; prior lien of United States; rights of holder of tax title
§ 455c Extinguishment of liens and tax titles on reversion of lands to United States
Subchapter IX - Construction Charges
§ 461 Determination of construction charges generally
§ 462 Classification of irrigable lands and equitable apportionment of charges
§ 463 Repealed.]
§ 464 Increases of charges on failure to make water-right application
§ 465 Charges for water service prior to notice of construction charge
§ 466 Surveys to correct errors or inequalities in original basis of project
§ 467 Repealed.]
§ 468 Withdrawal of notice given and modification of applications and contracts made prior to February 13, 1911
§ 469 Increase in construction charges
§ 470 When work increasing construction charge may be undertaken
§ 471 Initial payment and annual installments of charges generally
§ 472 Installments on entries or applications made after August 13, 1914, and prior to December 5, 1924
§ 475 Annual installments on entries and contracts prior to August 13, 1914
§ 476 Repealed.]
§ 477 Association or irrigation district as fiscal agent of Government
§ 478 Pecuniary penalty for nonpayment of installments of construction charges
§ 479 Shutting off water for nonpayment of construction charge
§ 480 Cancellation of water right or entry for nonpayment of construction charge
§ 481 Action to recover construction charges and penalties
§ 482 Omitted
Subchapter X - Payment of Construction Charges
§ 485 Declaration of policy
§ 485a Definitions
§ 485b Amendment of existing repayment contracts
§ 485b-1 Deferment of installments under repayment contracts; determination of undue burden; conditions; supplemental contract; report to Congress
§ 485c Repealed.]
§ 485d Time of payments to the United States
§ 485e Maintenance and operation of project works; delinquency penalties
§ 485f Negotiation of equitable contracts by Secretary
§ 485g Classification of lands
§ 485h New projects; sale of water and electric power; lease of power privileges
§ 485h-1 Administration of repayment contracts and long-term contracts to furnish water; renewal and conversion; credit for payments; right to available water supply; rates; construction component
§ 485h-2 Amendments to existing contracts
§ 485h-3 "Long-term contract" defined
§ 485h-4 Application of State laws
§ 485h-5 Supplement to Federal reclamation laws
§ 485h-6 Repayment contracts; amendment for provision, addition or modification of irrigation blocks
§ 485h-7 Amendment of repayment contract for payment of annual installments in two parts
§ 485i Rules and regulations
§ 485j Effect on existing laws
§ 485k Short title
Subchapter XI - Maintenance and Operation of Works Generally
§ 491 Authority of Secretary to operate works
§ 492 Operation and maintenance charges generally
§ 493 Operation charges; date of payment; discount; advance payment
§ 493a Omitted
§ 494 Pecuniary penalty for nonpayment of operation charge
§ 495 Shutting off water for nonpayment of operation charge
§ 496 Cancellation of entry or water right for nonpayment of operation charge
§ 497 Action to recover operation charge and penalty
§ 498 Transfer of management and operation of works to water users generally
§ 499 Discretionary power to transfer management
§ 499a Transfer of title to movable property; use of appropriations
§ 499b Transfer to municipal corporations or other organizations of care, operation, and maintenance of works supplying water for municipal, domestic, or industrial use
§ 500 Duty of association or district to take over management
§ 501 Disposition of profits of project taken over by water users
§ 502 Emergency fund to assure continuous operation of projects and project facilities governed by Federal reclamation law
§ 503 "Unusual or emergency conditions" defined
§ 504 Rehabilitation and betterment of Federal reclamation projects, including small reclamation projects; return of costs; interest; definitions; performance of work
§ 505 Drainage facilities and minor construction in irrigation works; contracts with repayment organizations; limitation on costs; submission of contract to Congress
Subchapter XI-A - Reclamation Safety of Dams
§ 506 Authority of Secretary to make modifications
§ 507 Construction for dam safety
§ 508 Costs incurred in the modification of structures
§ 509 Authorization of appropriations; report to Congress
§ 509a Project beneficiaries
Subchapter XI-B - Aging Infrastructure
§ 510 Definitions
§ 510a Guidelines and inspection of project facilities and technical assistance to transferred works operating entities
§ 510b Extraordinary operation and maintenance work performed by the Secretary
§ 510c Relationship to Twenty-First Century Water Works Act
§ 510d Authorization of appropriations
Subchapter XII - Contracts With State Irrigation Districts for Payment of Charges
§ 511 Authority to contract with irrigation district
§ 512 Release of Government liens after contract with irrigation districts
§ 513 Lands in project subject to provisions of chapter; after contract with irrigation district
Subchapter XIII - Sale or Lease of Surplus Waters, Water Power, Storage Capacity, and Water Transportation Facilities
§ 521 Sale of surplus waters generally
§ 522 Lease of water power
§ 523 Storage and transportation of water for irrigation districts, etc.
§ 524 Cooperation with irrigation districts, etc., in construction of reservoirs and canals
§ 525 Covering proceeds into reclamation fund
§ 526 Credit of proceeds to particular project
Subchapter XIV - Patents and Final Water-right Certificates
§ 541 When patent or final certificate issued
§ 542 Reservation of lien for charges; enforcement of lien; redemption
§ 543 Certificate of final payment and release of lien
§ 544 Limitation as to holdings prior to final payment of charges; forfeiture of excess holding
§ 545 Appointment of agents to receive payments; record of payments and amounts owing
§ 546 Jurisdiction of district court for enforcement of this subchapter
§ 547 Patent to desert-land entryman
Subchapter XV - Town Sites, Parks, Playgrounds, and School Sites
§ 561 Survey and subdivision of land for town sites; reservation for public purposes
§ 562 Appraisal and sale of town lots
§ 563 Disposal of town sites set apart prior to June 27, 1906
§ 564 Reappraisal of town lots for sale
§ 565 Terms of sale of town lots; installments of price
§ 566 Maintenance of public reservations and conveyance to municipality
§ 567 Water rights for towns and cities; charges
§ 568 Use of reclamation fund for expenses of and disposal of proceeds of sale of town sites
§ 569 Reservation of land for park, playground, or community center
§ 569a Extension of section 569 to tract of land in Idaho
§ 570 Conveyance of land to school district
§ 571 Sale of unplatted portions of Government town sites; authorization
§ 572 Disposition of net proceeds; fixing project construction charges
§ 573 Expenses of appraisement and sale; rules and regulations
Subchapter XVI - Refunds to War Veterans
Subchapter XVII - Legislation Applicable to Particular Projects Generally
§ 591 Omitted
§ 591a Boise project, Idaho; Arrowrock Dam; installment payments of costs of repairs, resurfacing, improvement, etc.
§ 592 Omitted
§ 593 Flathead irrigation project, Montana
§ 593a Construction, operation, and maintenance of Hungry Horse Dam
§ 593b Construction of additional works for irrigation purposes
§ 594 Omitted
§ 595 King Hill project, Idaho
§ 596 Omitted
§ 597 Riverton project, Wyoming
§ 597a Easements for Bull Lake Dam and Reservoir
§ 597b Compensation for easements
§ 597c Reservation of Indians’ right to use lands
§ 597d Regulations
§ 598 Salt River project, Arizona; sale of water power
§ 599 Omitted
§ 600 Minidoka project, Idaho; sales of water from American Falls Reservoir
§ 600a Arch Hurley Conservancy District project, New Mexico
§ 600b Canadian River project, Texas
§ 600c Nonreimbursable costs
§ 600d Sanford Reservoir recreation facilities; allocation of water, reservoir capacity, or joint project costs of Canadian River project; municipal water use priorities; agreements for operation, maintenance, or additional development of project lands or facilities; disposal of project lands or facilities; nonreimbursable costs; cognizance of effect of fish and wildlife plan
§ 600e Authorization of appropriations for public recreation facilities
Subchapter XVIII - Cibolo Project, Texas
Subchapter XIX - Nueces River Project, Texas
Subchapter XX - Klamath Project, Oregon-california
§ 601 Omitted
Subchapter XXI - Gila Project, Arizona
Subchapter XXII - Washoe Project, Nevada-california
Subchapter XXIII - Washita River Basin Project, Oklahoma
Subchapter XXIV - Crooked River Project, Oregon
Subchapter XXV - Little Wood River Project, Idaho
Subchapter XXVI - San Angelo Project, Texas
Subchapter XXVII - Spokane Valley Project, Washington and Idaho
Subchapter XXVIII - Dallas Project, Oregon
Subchapter XXIX - Norman Project, Oklahoma
Subchapter XXX - Navajo Irrigation Project, New Mexico; San Juan-chama Project, Colorado-new Mexico
Subchapter XXXI - Closed Basin Division; San Luis Valley Project, Colorado
Subchapter XXXII - Brantley Project, Pecos River Basin, New Mexico
Subchapter XXXIII - Salmon Falls Division, Upper Snake River Project, Idaho
Subchapter XXXIV - Oneill Unit, Pick-sloan Missouri Basin Program, Nebraska
Subchapter XXXV - North Loup Division, Pick-sloan Missouri Basin Program, Nebraska
Subchapter XXXVI - Polecat Bench Area, Shoshone Extensions Unit, Pick-sloan Missouri Basin Program, Wyoming
Subchapter XXXVII - Pollock-herreid Unit, Pick-sloan Missouri Basin Program, South Dakota
§ 615llll-6 Repealed.]
Subchapter XXXVIII - Fryingpan-arkansas Project, Colorado
Subchapter XXXIX - Mann Creek Project, Idaho
Subchapter XL - Arbuckle Project, Oklahoma
Subchapter XLI - Baker Project, Oregon
Subchapter XLII - Dixie Project, Utah
Subchapter XLIII - Savery-pot Hook Project, Colorado-wyoming; Bostwick Park and Fruitland Mesa Projects, Colorado
Subchapter XLIV - Lower Teton Division of Teton Basin Project, Idaho
Subchapter XLV - Whitestone Coulee Unit, Chief Joseph Dam Project, Washington
Subchapter XLVI - Mckay Dam and Reservoir, Umatilla Project, Oregon
Subchapter XLVII - Auburn-folsom South Unit; San Felipe Division: Central Valley Project, California
Subchapter XLVIII - Southern Nevada Project, Nevada
Subchapter XLIX - Tualatin Project, Oregon
Subchapter L - Missouri River Basin Project, South Dakota
Subchapter LI - Mountain Park Project, Oklahoma
Subchapter LII - Palmetto Bend Project, Texas
Subchapter LIII - Merlin Division; Rogue River Basin Project, Oregon
Subchapter LIV - Touchet Division; Walla Walla Project, Oregon-washington
Chapter 12A - Boulder Canyon Project
Subchapter I - Boulder Canyon Project Act
§ 617 Colorado River Basin; protection and development; dam, reservoir, and incidental works; water, water power, and electrical energy; eminent domain
§ 617a "Colorado River Dam Fund"
§ 617b Authorization of appropriations
§ 617c Condition precedent to taking effect of provisions
§ 617d Contracts for storage and use of waters for irrigation and domestic purposes; generation and sale of electrical energy
§ 617e Uses to be made of dam and reservoir; title in whom; leases, regulations; limitation on authority
§ 617f Canals and appurtenant structures; transfer of title; power development
§ 617g Colorado River compact as controlling authority in construction and maintenance of dam, reservoir, canals, and other works
§ 617h Lands capable of irrigation and reclamation by irrigation works; public entry; preferences
§ 617i Modification of existing compact relating to Laguna Dam
§ 617j Omitted
§ 617k Definitions
§ 617l Colorado River compact approval
§ 617m Reclamation law applicable
§ 617n Projects for irrigation, generation of electric power, and other purposes; investigations and reports
§ 617o Officials of ratifying States; authority to act in advisory capacity; access to records
§ 617p Claims of United States; priority
§ 617q Effect on authority of States to control waters within own borders
§ 617r Consent given States to negotiate supplemental compacts for development of Colorado River
§ 617s Recognition of rights of Mexico to Colorado River waters
§ 617t Short title
§ 617u Lease of reserved lands in Boulder City, Nevada; disposition of revenues
§ 617v Repealed.]
Subchapter II - Boulder Canyon Project Adjustment Act
§ 618 Promulgation of charges for electrical energy
§ 618a Receipts from project; disposition
§ 618a-1 Availability of Colorado River Development Fund for investigation and construction purposes
§ 618b Reduction of payments and transfers where revenue is insufficient
§ 618c Charges as retroactive; adjustment of accounts
§ 618d Readvances from Treasury where Dam Fund is insufficient to meet cost of replacements
§ 618e Interest payments; rate
§ 618f Repayment of advances for flood control
§ 618g Regulations; contracts; modification of allotments of energy
§ 618h Termination of existing lease of Hoover Power Plant; lessees as agents of United States; termination of agency
§ 618i Effective date
§ 618j Effect of refusal to modify existing contracts
§ 618k Definitions
§ 618l Repealed.]
§ 618m Effect on existing laws and States’ rights
§ 618n Wages of employees
§ 618o Short title
§ 618p Omitted
Subchapter III - Hoover Dam Contracts and Facilities
§ 619 Increase in capacity of existing generating equipment at Hoover Powerplant; construction of Colorado River bridge crossing
§ 619a Renewal contracts for power
§ 619b Reimbursement of funds advanced by non-Federal purchasers; uprating program; repayment requirement; visitor facilities program
Chapter 12B - Colorado River Storage Project
§ 620 Upper Colorado River Basin; purpose of development of water resources; initial units; construction of Wayne N. Aspinall unit contingent upon certification; participating projects; Rainbow Bridge National Monument
§ 620a Priority to planning reports of certain additional participating projects; reports to States; San Juan-Chama project; Juniper project
§ 620a-1 Construction of participating projects to be concurrent with Central Arizona Project
§ 620a-2 Establishment of nonexcess irrigable acreage for participating projects
§ 620b Congressional intent; additional undesignated projects not precluded; construction not authorized within national park or monument
§ 620c Laws governing; irrigation repayment contracts; time for making contract; contracts for municipal water; payment by Indian lands; restricted delivery of water for excess commodity; apportionments of use
§ 620c-1 Laws governing priority of appropriation
§ 620d Upper Colorado River Basin Fund
§ 620d-1 Reimbursement of Fund from Colorado River Development Fund; operation of Hoover Dam
§ 620e Cost allocations; Indian lands; report to Congress
§ 620f Powerplant operations
§ 620g Recreational and fish and wildlife facilities
§ 620h Saving provisions
§ 620i Expenditures; units excepted from soil survey and land classification requirements
§ 620j Court decree; effectivity and approval
§ 620k Authorization of appropriations
§ 620l Net power revenues
§ 620m Compliance with law required in operation of facilities; enforcement of provisions
§ 620n Water quality study and reports
§ 620n-1 Top water bank
§ 620o Definitions
Chapter 13 - Federal Lands Included in State Irrigation Districts
§ 621 Subjection of lands in State irrigation district to State laws generally
§ 622 Cost of construction and maintenance of irrigation project as charge on land
§ 623 Map of district and plan of irrigation project; approval by Secretary
§ 624 Entry of approval on land records
§ 625 Release of unentered land from lien on noncompletion of irrigation project
§ 626 Enforcement of lien against entered but unpatented land
§ 627 Sale of unpatented and unentered land prohibited; suspension of entry
§ 628 Patents to entered but unpatented land
§ 629 Delivery of notices required by State law; right to hearing, appeal, etc.
§ 630 Disposition by Government of proceeds of land sold
Chapter 14 - Grants of Desert Lands to States for Reclamation
§ 641 Grant of desert land to States authorized
§ 641a Issuance of quitclaim deeds; patents for segregated lands
§ 641b Filing of application for quitclaim deeds
§ 641c Requirements of application for quitclaim deed
§ 641d Effective date of quitclaim; administration of lands relinquished by States
§ 642 Liens for expenses of reclamation
§ 643 Repealed.]
§ 644 Preference right to entryman under State laws
§ 645 Additional arid lands available to Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming for reclamation
§ 646 Grant extended to New Mexico and Arizona
§ 647 Grant extended to desert lands within part of former Ute Indian Reservation in Colorado
§ 648 Omitted
Chapter 15 - Appropriation of Waters; Reservoir Sites
§ 661 Appropriation of waters on public lands; rights of way for canals and ditches
§ 662 Reservation of reservoir sites generally
§ 663 Restriction of sites to inclusion of necessary lands
§ 664 Rights of way over reservoir sites generally
§ 665 Rights of way over reservoir sites for wagon road, railroad, or other highway
§ 666 Suits for adjudication of water rights
Chapter 16 - Sale and Disposal of Public Lands
§ 671 Repealed.]
§ 672 Repealed.]
§ 677 Repealed.]
§ 687a-4 Repealed.]
§ 687b-5 Repealed.]
§ 687c Alaskan land leases for fur farming; citizenship; acreage limitation; period; terms and conditions; laws applicable to mineral resources; reservations
§ 687c-1 Execution of provisions of section 687c; authority of Secretary of the Interior
Chapter 17 - Reservation and Sale of Town Sites on Public Lands
§ 716 Repealed.]
§ 729 Repealed.]
§ 737 Unrestricted deeds for townsite lands held by Alaska natives
§ 738 Repealed.]
Chapter 18 - Survey of Public Lands
§ 751 Rules of survey
§ 751a Survey system extended to Alaska
§ 751b Surveys in Nome and Fairbanks districts
§ 752 Boundaries and contents of public lands; how ascertained
§ 753 Lines of division of half quarter sections; how run
§ 757 Cost of survey of private land claims to be reported and paid
§ 758 Delivery of patent contingent on refund of cost of survey
§ 759 Survey for and by settlers in township
§ 760 Deposit for expenses deemed an appropriation
§ 761 Repayment of excess of deposits to cover cost of surveys of mineral lands
§ 762 Deposits made by settlers for surveys to go in part payment of lands
§ 763 Deposits in Louisiana applicable to resurveys
§ 766 Geological surveys, extension of public surveys, expenses of subdividing
§ 767 Repealed.]
§ 770 Rectangular mode of survey; departure from
§ 771 Repealed.]
§ 772 Resurveys or retracements to mark boundaries of undisposed lands
§ 773 Resurveys or retracements of township lines, etc.
§ 774 Protection of surveyor by marshal
§ 775 Omitted
Chapter 19 - Bounty Lands
§ 781 Repealed.]
§ 784 Repealed.]
§ 785 Repealed.]
§ 786 Repealed.]
§ 787 Repealed.]
§ 841 Repealed.]
Chapter 20 - Reservations and Grants to States for Public Purposes
§ 851 Deficiencies in grants to State by reason of settlements, etc., on designated sections generally
§ 852 Selections to supply deficiencies of school lands
§ 852a Applications for unsurveyed lands; regulations; acreage requirements
§ 852b Survey of lands prior to transfer; time for survey; availability of funds; lands suitable for transfer
§ 853 Selections in Utah to supply deficiencies of school lands
§ 854 Selections in New Mexico to supply deficiencies of school lands
§ 855 Omitted
§ 856 Selection of school lands on ceded Indian reservations
§ 857 Grant to new States
§ 858 Grants to counties for seats of justice
§ 859 Fee simple to pass in all grants
§ 860 Repealed.]
§ 861 Preference right of selection granted certain Western States; bona fide settlers
§ 862 Omitted
§ 863 Survey of lands granted to certain Western States
§ 864 Survey of land grants to Florida
§ 865 Confirmation of certain lands selected by California
§ 866 Exchange of cut over land in Montana
§ 867 Omitted
§ 868 Representation of Indian claimants in suits to determine right to school lands
§ 869 Disposal of lands for public or recreational purposes
§ 869-1 Sale or lease to State or nonprofit organization; reservation of mineral deposits; termination of lease for nonuse
§ 869-2 Conditions of transfer by grantee; solid waste disposal
§ 869-3 Authority for transfers; applicability of section 8692 to prior patents; termination of restrictions
§ 869-4 Disposition of moneys received from or on account of revested Oregon and California Railroad grant lands or reconveyed Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands
§ 869a Repealed.]
§ 870 Grants of land in aid of common or public schools; extension to those mineral in character; effect of leases
§ 871 Certain grants and laws unaffected
§ 871a Repealed.]
§ 872 Conveyances to United States in connection with applications for amendment of patented entries or for exchange of land, etc.; withdrawal or rejection of applications; reconveyances
§ 873 Lands granted for erecting public buildings; purpose of grant
Chapter 21 - Grants in Aid of Railroads and Wagon Roads
§ 881 Cost of survey of grants to railroads; payment
§ 882 Surveyed lands taxable notwithstanding lien; provisos
§ 883 Collection of costs of surveying, etc.; reimbursement of purchaser
§ 884 Right of forfeiture of railroad grants not affected
§ 885 Union Pacific Railroad lands
§ 886 Survey of lands within limits of railroad grants
§ 887 Deposits for surveys of lands granted to railroads
§ 888 Selection by railroads of lands in lieu of lands entered subsequent to accrual of rights; title of settlers
§ 889 Rights of entrymen whose entries had not been admitted to record
§ 890 Homestead entries on railroad lands prior to withdrawal or after restoration to market confirmed
§ 891 Abandoned railroad lands; reentry
§ 892 Entries after expiration of grant
§ 893 Rights of permissive settlers on railroad lands restored to public domain
§ 894 Adjustment of land grants to railroads
§ 895 Cancellation of patents erroneously issued; reconveyance
§ 896 Erroneous cancellation of bona fide entries corrected
§ 897 Patents to purchasers from railroads; purchase money
§ 898 Rights of purchasers from railroads of coterminous lands not within grants
§ 899 Limitation of quantity to be conveyed
§ 900 Suits to cancel patents to lands erroneously issued under railroad or wagon-road grants
§ 901 Claims of bona fide purchasers; establishment of rights
§ 902 Cancellation; investigation before suit
§ 903 Relief of settlers on lands granted in aid of wagon roads
§ 904 Forfeiture of unearned grants; restoration to public domain
§ 905 Homestead entries on forfeited lands
§ 906 Purchase by bona fide purchasers from grantees; removal of crops and improvements
§ 907 Rights of original grantees to forfeited lands
§ 908 Deposits by railroad companies for costs of surveying and conveying unsurveyed lands granted
§ 909 Forfeiture of grant on failure to make deposit
§ 910 Right to extend public surveys over lands granted, and other rights of United States, not affected
§ 911 Regulations
§ 912 Disposition of abandoned or forfeited railroad grants
§ 913 Conveyance by land grant railroads of portions of rights of way to State, county, or municipality
§ 914 Omitted
Chapter 22 - Rights-of-way and Other Easements in Public Lands
§ 931 Navigable rivers as public highways
§ 931a Authority of Attorney General to grant easements and rights-of-way to States, etc.
§ 931b Repealed.]
§ 931c Permits, leases, or easements; authorization to grant; payment; limitation
§ 931d Additional authority of department or agency head
§ 932 Repealed.]
§ 933 Repealed.]
§ 934 Right of way through public lands granted to railroads
§ 935 Several roads through canyons
§ 936 Condemnation of private land
§ 937 Filing profile of road; forfeiture of rights
§ 938 Lands excepted
§ 939 Alteration, amendment, or repeal
§ 940 Forfeiture of rights where railroad not constructed in five years after location
§ 941 Railroad stations on rights of way granted
§ 942 Omitted
§ 942-1 Rights of way in Alaska; railroad rights of way; reservations; water transportation connections; State title to submerged lands; Federal repossession as trustee; "navigable waters" defined; posting schedules of rates; changes in rates
§ 942-2 Rights of several roads through canyons
§ 942-3 Condemnation of land
§ 942-4 Filing preliminary survey, map and profile of road
§ 942-5 Filing map and profile of road section; forfeiture of rights; reversion of grant
§ 942-6 Rights of way for Alaskan wagon roads, wire rope, aerial, or other tramways; reservations; filing preliminary survey and map of location; alteration, amendment, repeal, or grant of equal rights; forfeiture of rights; reversion of grant; liens
§ 942-7 Military park, Indian or other reservation
§ 942-8 Reservation of right of alteration, amendment, or repeal; assignment of right of way
§ 942-9 Map location of road
§ 943 Right of way for railroads; reserved lands in Minnesota
§ 944 Right of way in Oklahoma and Arizona
§ 945 Reservation in patents of right of way for ditches or canals
§ 945a Compensation for rights-of-way for certain reclamation projects
§ 945b Jurisdiction; procedure
§ 946 Right of way to canal ditch companies and irrigation or drainage districts for irrigation or drainage purposes and operation and maintenance of reservoirs, canals, and laterals
§ 947 Map; damages to settlers
§ 948 Application to existing and future canals
§ 949 Use for canal or ditch only
§ 950 Right of way to canal and ditch companies for irrigation purposes; additional grants
§ 951 Right of way for water transportation, domestic purposes, or development of power
§ 952 Reservoir sites for water for livestock
§ 953 Declaratory statement as to reservoirs
§ 954 Survey; map of reservoirs
§ 955 Amendment, alteration, or repeal
§ 956 Right of way for tramroads, canals, or reservoirs
§ 957 Right of way to electric power companies
§ 958 Rights of way for wagon roads or railroads
§ 959 Rights of way for electrical plants, etc.
§ 962 Right of way in Colorado and Wyoming to pipeline companies
§ 963 Applications for Colorado and Wyoming pipeline right of way
§ 964 Limit of time for completion of Colorado and Wyoming pipelines; forfeiture
§ 965 Restriction on use of Colorado and Wyoming pipeline right of way
§ 966 Right of way in Arkansas to pipe-line companies
§ 967 Applications for Arkansas pipeline right of way
§ 968 Restriction on use of Arkansas pipeline right of way
§ 969 Forfeiture of Arkansas pipeline right of way for nonuser, etc.
§ 970 Forfeiture of Arkansas pipeline right of way for violation of antitrust law
§ 971 Bathhouses, hotels, etc., adjacent to mineral, medicinal, etc., springs on public lands
§ 971a Alaskan lands within highway, telephone, and pipeline withdrawals; disposal; amendment of land description of claim or entry on adjoining lands
§ 971b Sale of restored Alaskan lands; preference rights; consent of Federal agency
§ 971c Utilization or occupancy of Alaskan easements; consent of agency
§ 971d Effect on valid existing Alaskan rights
§ 971e Definition of restored Alaskan lands
§ 975b Repealed.]
Chapter 23 - Grants of Swamp and Overflowed Lands
§ 981 Indemnity to States on sale of lands
§ 982 Grant to States to aid in construction of levees and drains
§ 983 Lists and plats of lands, for governors of States
§ 984 Legal subdivisions mostly wet and unfit for cultivation
§ 985 Omitted
§ 986 Selection of lands confirmed
§ 987 Lands to be certified to State within one year
§ 988 Act extended to Minnesota and Oregon
§ 989 Homestead entries by purchasers from Missouri of lands declared not to be swamp lands
§ 990 Grant to Missouri
§ 991 Title of purchasers of unconfirmed lands in Arkansas confirmed
§ 992 Sale of erroneously designated water-covered areas in Arkansas
§ 993 Sale of lands in Louisiana; preference rights; application for purchase; appraisal; payment for land
§ 994 Sale of lands in Wisconsin
Chapter 24 - Drainage Under State Laws
Chapter 25 - Unlawful Inclosures or Occupancy; Obstructing Settlement or Transit
§ 1061 Inclosure of or assertion of right to public lands without title
§ 1062 Suits for violations of law
§ 1063 Obstruction of settlement on or transit over public lands
§ 1064 Violations of chapter; punishment
§ 1065 Summary removal of inclosures
§ 1066 Permission of Secretary to sue
Chapter 25A - Lands Held Under Color of Title
§ 1068 Lands held in adverse possession; issuance of patent; reservation of minerals; conflicting claims
§ 1068a Appraisal
§ 1068b Mineral reservation
Chapter 26 - Abandoned Military Reservations
§ 1074 Repealed.]
§ 1075 Repealed.]
Chapter 27 - Public Lands in Oklahoma
Subchapter I - General Provisions
§ 1095 Reservations between sections for highway purposes
§ 1099 Division into counties before opening to settlement; reservation for county seats
Subchapter II - Town Sites
Subchapter III - Lands in Greer County
Chapter 28 - Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Public Lands
Subchapter I - Patents for Private Land Claims
Subchapter II - Disposition of Suspended Entries and Claims; Invalid and Defective Claims and Patents Therefor
§ 1161 "Suspended entries of public lands" and "suspended preemption land claims"
§ 1162 Adjudications as to suspended entries; approval
§ 1163 Patents surrendered and new ones issued
§ 1164 Extent of foregoing provisions
§ 1165 Suspension of entries for correction of clerical errors; patents
§ 1166 Limitations of suits to annul patents
§ 1167 Entries and final proofs, made out of proper district, confirmed
Subchapter III - Sales of Isolated Tracts
§ 1174 Repealed.]
Subchapter IV - Timber Culture
§ 1181 Repeal of laws
Subchapter V - Oregon and California Railroad and Coos Bay Wagon Road Grant Lands
§ 1181a Conservation management by Department of the Interior; permanent forest production; sale of timber; subdivision
§ 1181b Cooperative agreements with other agencies or private owners for coordinated administration
§ 1181c Repealed.]
§ 1181d Leasing of lands for grazing; disposition of moneys; rules and regulations covering grazing lands
§ 1181e Rules and regulations generally; consultation and agreements with other agencies regarding fire regulations
§ 1181f Oregon and California land-grant fund; annual distribution of moneys
§ 1181f-1 Coos Bay Wagon Road grant fund; annual payments; appraisal and assessment of land and timber; computation of payments
§ 1181f-2 Appraisal of land and timber; manner and frequency; computation of amounts upon basis of last appraisement; deduction of appraisement expenses
§ 1181f-3 Additional sum from surplus for meeting payments due from insufficient annual receipts; maximum aggregate of decennial payments; covering of excess receipts into general fund of Treasury
§ 1181f-4 Amount available for administration of Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands under sections 1181a to 1181f of this title; covering of unused receipts into general fund of Treasury
§ 1181g Unselected and unpatented odd-numbered sections as revested grant lands; administration as national-forest lands; revenues; prohibition against disposition or exchange
§ 1181h Exchange of jurisdiction between Secretaries; conditions; publication in Federal Register
§ 1181i Designation of national-forest areas within counties; disposition of revenues; approval by court
§ 1181j Appropriations to carry out sections 1181h and 1181i
Subchapter VI - Disposal of Materials on Public Lands
Subchapter VII - Evidences of Title
Subchapter VIII - Indian Lands
§ 1195 Negotiations for cession of lands
§ 1196 Classification and appraisement of unallotted and unreserved lands
§ 1197 Agreements with Indians not affected
§ 1198 Condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes; negotiation of contracts
§ 1199 Provisions to be included in contracts for condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes
§ 1200 Judicial determination where compensation for condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes rejected
§ 1200a Preparation of appraisal schedule in determining just compensation for condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes; contents; transmittal to tribal representatives
§ 1200b Inclusion of other provisions in contracts for condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes
§ 1200c Submission of contracts and reports covering disagreements on condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes; ratification; effect
§ 1200d Effect of condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes on construction of Fort Randall Dam
§ 1200e Authorization of appropriations for relocating certain Sioux tribe members after condemnation of lands for dam purposes; conditions; title to lands acquired
Subchapter IX - Enforcement of Provisions
§ 1201 Power of Secretary or designated officer
Subchapter X - Oaths in Certain Land Matters
§ 1211 Elimination of oaths for written statements; discretion of Secretary of the Interior
§ 1212 Unsworn written statements subject to penalties of presenting false claims
Subchapter XI - Wisconsin River and Lake Land Titles
§ 1221 Issuance of patents; application
§ 1222 Notice of opening of lands to purchase
§ 1223 Valid existing rights unaffected
Subchapter XII - Moving Expenses Resulting From Acquisition of Lands by Secretary of the Interior
Subchapter XIII - State Control of Noxious Plants on Government Lands
§ 1241 Control of noxious plants on Government lands; State programs; terms of entry
§ 1242 Reimbursement of States for expenses
§ 1243 Authorization of appropriations
Chapter 29 - Submerged Lands
Subchapter I - General Provisions
§ 1301 Definitions
§ 1302 Resources seaward of Continental Shelf
§ 1303 Amendment, modification, or repeal of other laws
Subchapter II - Lands Beneath Navigable Waters Within State Boundaries
§ 1311 Rights of States
§ 1312 Seaward boundaries of States
§ 1313 Exceptions from operation of section 1311 of this title
§ 1314 Rights and powers retained by United States; purchase of natural resources; condemnation of lands
§ 1315 Rights acquired under laws of United States unaffected
Subchapter III - Outer Continental Shelf Lands
§ 1331 Definitions
§ 1332 Congressional declaration of policy
§ 1333 Laws and regulations governing lands
§ 1334 Administration of leasing
§ 1335 Validation and maintenance of prior leases
§ 1336 Controversies over jurisdiction; agreements; payments; final settlement or adjudication; approval of notice concerning oil and gas operations in Gulf of Mexico
§ 1337 Leases, easements, and rights-of-way on the outer Continental Shelf
§ 1338 Disposition of revenues
§ 1338a Moneys received as a result of forfeiture by Outer Continental Shelf permittee, lessee, or right-of-way holder; return of excess amounts
§ 1339 Repealed.]
§ 1340 Geological and geophysical explorations
§ 1341 Reservation of lands and rights
§ 1342 Prior claims as unaffected
§ 1343 Repealed.]
§ 1344 Outer Continental Shelf leasing program
§ 1345 Coordination and consultation with affected State and local governments
§ 1346 Environmental studies
§ 1347 Safety and health regulations
§ 1348 Enforcement of safety and environmental regulations
§ 1349 Citizens suits, jurisdiction and judicial review
§ 1350 Remedies and penalties
§ 1351 Oil and gas development and production
§ 1352 Oil and gas information program
§ 1353 Federal purchase and disposition of oil and gas
§ 1354 Limitations on export of oil or gas
§ 1355 Restrictions on employment of former officers or employees of Department of the Interior
§ 1356 Documentary, registry and manning requirements
§ 1356a Coastal impact assistance program
Chapter 30 - Administration of Public Lands
Subchapter I - General Provisions
Subchapter II - Service Charges and Excess Payments
Subchapter III - Deposits and Forfeitures
Subchapter IV - Public Land Law Review Commission
Subchapter V - Classification of Lands to Provide for Disposal or Interim Management
Subchapter VI - Sale of Public Land
Subchapter VII - Sale of Public Lands Subject to Unintentional Trespass
Subchapter VIII - Public Airports
§ 1441 Lease of contiguous public lands for public airports; authority of Secretary of the Interior
§ 1442 Terms of lease; public lands for public airports
§ 1443 Cancellation of leases of public lands used as airports made under law in force May 24, 1928
Chapter 31 - Department of the Interior
§ 1451 Establishment
§ 1452 Deputy Secretary of the Interior; appointment
§ 1453 Assistant Secretaries of the Interior
§ 1453a Additional Assistant Secretary of the Interior; appointment; duties; compensation
§ 1454 Duties of Assistant Secretary and assistant to Secretary
§ 1455 Solicitor; appointment; duties
§ 1456 Chief clerk
§ 1456a Repealed.]
§ 1457 Duties of Secretary
§ 1457a Authorization of appropriations for particular programs
§ 1457b Use of cooperative agreements
§ 1458 Secretary to exercise certain powers over Territories
§ 1459 Expenditures of department
§ 1460 Copies of records, documents, etc.; charges; disposition of receipts
§ 1461 Rules and regulations governing inspection and copying
§ 1462 Attestation of copies by official seal
§ 1463 Disposition of receipts
§ 1464 Agents or attorneys representing claimants before department
§ 1465 Annual reports of department and its bureaus
§ 1466 Administration of oaths, affirmations, etc., by employees of Division of Investigations; force and effect
§ 1467 Working capital fund; establishment; uses; reimbursement
§ 1467a Working capital fund; credit card refunds or rebates
§ 1468 Working capital fund; availability for uniforms or allowances therefor
§ 1469 Employment and compensation of personnel to perform work occasioned by emergencies
§ 1470 Appropriations; availability for certain administrative expenses
§ 1471 Appropriations; availability for payment of property damages
§ 1471a Availability of appropriations for emergency repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed facilities and equipment
§ 1471b Availability of appropriations for suppression and emergency prevention of forest and range fires
§ 1471c Availability of appropriations for operation of warehouses, garages, shops, and similar facilities
§ 1471c-1 Availability of appropriations for operation of warehouses, garages, shops, and similar facilities
§ 1471d Availability of appropriations for transportation, reprint, telephone, and library membership expenses
§ 1471e Reimbursement of employee license costs and certification fees
§ 1471f Availability of appropriations for incremental funding of research work orders for cooperative agreements
§ 1471g Availability of appropriations to support Memorial Day and Fourth of July ceremonies and activities in National Capital Region
§ 1471h Availability of appropriations for uniforms or allowances
§ 1471i Availability of appropriations for services or rentals
§ 1472 Bureau of Reclamation working capital fund
§ 1473 Acceptance of contributions from private and public sources by Mineral Management Service
§ 1473a Acceptance of contributions by Secretary; cooperation with prosecution of projects
§ 1473b Awards for contributions to Department of the Interior programs
§ 1473c Payment of costs incidental to services contributed by volunteers
§ 1473d Insurance costs covering vehicles, aircraft, and boats operated by Department of the Interior in Canada and Mexico
§ 1473e Acceptance of donations and bequests for Natural Resources Library
§ 1474 Availability of receipts from administrative fees for program operations in Mining Law Administration
§ 1474a Emergency Department of the Interior Firefighting Fund; amounts considered "emergency requirements"
§ 1474b Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Fund; availability of assessments
§ 1474b-1 Transfer of funds from Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Fund
§ 1474c North American Wetlands Conservation Fund; availability of fines or forfeitures
§ 1474d Environmental Improvement and Restoration Fund
§ 1474e Sums received by the Bureau of Land Management for the sale of seeds
§ 1474f Sums received by the Bureau of Land Management from vendors under enterprise information technology-procurements
§ 1475 Bureau of Reclamation acceptance of services of volunteers
§ 1475a Participation of non-Federal entities in contract negotiations and source selection proceedings
§ 1475b Volunteer authority
Chapter 32 - Colorado River Basin Project
Subchapter I - Objectives
§ 1501 Congressional declaration of purpose and policy
Subchapter II - Investigations and Planning
§ 1511 Reconnaissance investigations by Secretary of the Interior; reports; 10-year moratorium on water importation studies
§ 1511a Cooperation and participation by Secretary of the Army with Federal, State, and local agencies
§ 1512 Mexican Water Treaty
§ 1513 Importation of water; protection of exporting areas
§ 1514 Authorization of appropriations
Subchapter III - Authorized Units; Protection of Existing Uses
§ 1521 Central Arizona Project
§ 1522 Orme Dam and Reservoir
§ 1523 Power requirements of Central Arizona Project and augmentation of Lower Colorado River Basin Development Fund
§ 1524 Water furnished from Central Arizona Project
§ 1525 Cost of main stream water of Colorado River
§ 1526 Water salvage programs
§ 1527 Fish and wildlife conservation and development
§ 1528 Authorization of appropriations
Subchapter IV - Lower Colorado River Basin Development Fund
§ 1541 Allocation of costs; repayment
§ 1542 Repayment capability of Indian lands
§ 1543 Lower Colorado River Basin Development Fund
§ 1544 Annual report to Congress
Subchapter V - General Provisions
§ 1551 Construction of Colorado River Basin Act
§ 1552 Criteria for long-range operation of reservoirs
§ 1553 Upper Colorado River Basin; rights to consumptive uses not to be reduced or prejudiced; duties and powers of Commission not impaired
§ 1554 Federal reclamation laws
§ 1555 Federal Power Act inapplicable to Colorado River between Hoover Dam and Glen Canyon Dam
§ 1556 Definitions
Chapter 32A - Colorado River Basin Salinity Control
Subchapter I - Programs Downstream From Imperial Dam
§ 1571 Water quality improvement
§ 1572 Canal or canal lining
§ 1573 Construction and maintenance of well fields; land acquisition; land replacement; nonreimbursable costs
§ 1574 Modification of projects
§ 1575 Contract authority
§ 1575a Administration and disposition of lands and constructed facilities; revenues credited to general fund of Treasury
§ 1576 Interagency cooperation
§ 1577 Existing Federal laws not modified
§ 1578 Authorization of appropriations
§ 1579 Fish and wildlife habitat; mitigation of losses
§ 1580 Definitions
Subchapter II - Measures Upstream From Imperial Dam
§ 1591 Salinity control policy
§ 1592 Authorization to construct, operate, and maintain salinity control units and salinity control programs
§ 1593 Planning reports; research and demonstration projects
§ 1594 Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Advisory Council
§ 1595 Salinity control units; authority and functions of Secretary of the Interior
§ 1596 Biennial report to President, Congress, and Advisory Council
§ 1597 Construction of provisions of subchapter
§ 1598 Achieving project objectives
§ 1599 Definitions
Chapter 32B - Colorado River Floodway
§ 1600 Findings and purposes
§ 1600a Definitions
§ 1600b Colorado River Floodway Task Force
§ 1600c Colorado River Floodway
§ 1600d Limitations on Federal expenditures affecting Floodway
§ 1600e Exceptions
§ 1600f Certification of compliance
§ 1600g Priority of laws
§ 1600h Separability
§ 1600i Reports to Congress
§ 1600j Federal leases
§ 1600k Notices and existing laws
§ 1600l Authorization of appropriations
Chapter 33 - Alaska Native Claims Settlement
§ 1601 Congressional findings and declaration of policy
§ 1602 Definitions
§ 1603 Declaration of settlement
§ 1604 Enrollment
§ 1605 Alaska Native Fund
§ 1606 Regional Corporations
§ 1607 Village Corporations
§ 1608 Revenue sharing
§ 1609 Limitation of actions
§ 1610 Withdrawal of public lands
§ 1611 Native land selections
§ 1612 Surveys
§ 1613 Conveyance of lands
§ 1613a ANCSA amendment
§ 1614 Timber sale contracts; modification; timber from contingency area
§ 1615 Withdrawal and selection of public lands; funds in lieu of acreage
§ 1616 Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska
§ 1617 Revocation of Indian allotment authority in Alaska
§ 1618 Revocation of reserved rights; excepted reserve; acquisition of title to surface and subsurface estates in reserve; election of Village Corporations; restoration of land to Elim Native Corporation
§ 1619 Attorney and consultant fees
§ 1620 Taxation
§ 1621 Miscellaneous provisions
§ 1622 Annual reports to Congress until 1984; submission in 1985 of report of status of Natives, summary of actions taken, and recommendations
§ 1623 Authorization of appropriations
§ 1624 Regulations; issuance; publication in Federal Register
§ 1625 Securities laws exemption
§ 1626 Relation to other programs
§ 1627 Merger of Native corporations
§ 1628 Assignments by Regional Corporations of rights to receive payments from Fund
§ 1629 Cape Krusenstern National Monument land exchange between United States and NANA Regional Corporation, Inc.
§ 1629a Relinquishment by NANA Regional Corporation, Inc., of lands compact and contiguous to public lands in Cape Krusenstern National Monument
§ 1629b Procedures for considering amendments and resolutions
§ 1629c Duration of alienability restrictions
§ 1629d Dissenters rights
§ 1629e Settlement Trust option
§ 1629f Claims arising from contamination of transferred lands
§ 1629g Open season for certain Alaska Native veterans for allotments
§ 1629h Kake Tribal Corporation land transfer
Chapter 33A - Implementation of Alaska Native Claims Settlement and Alaska Statehood
§ 1631 Ownership of submerged lands
§ 1632 Statute of limitations on decisions of Secretary and reconveyance of land by Village Corporation
§ 1633 Administrative provisions
§ 1634 Alaska Native allotments
§ 1635 State selections and conveyances
§ 1636 Alaska land bank
§ 1637 Use of protraction diagrams
§ 1638 National Environmental Policy Act
§ 1639 Construction with Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
§ 1640 Relinquishment of selections partly within conservation units
§ 1641 Conveyances to Village Corporations
§ 1642 Land conveyances
Chapter 34 - Trans-alaska Pipeline
§ 1651 Congressional findings and declaration
§ 1652 Authorizations for construction
§ 1653 Liability for damages
§ 1654 Antitrust laws
§ 1655 Roads and airports
§ 1656 Civil penalties
Chapter 35 - Federal Land Policy and Management
Subchapter I - General Provisions
§ 1701 Congressional declaration of policy
§ 1702 Definitions
Subchapter II - Land Use Planning and Land Acquisition and Disposition
§ 1711 Continuing inventory and identification of public lands; preparation and maintenance
§ 1712 Land use plans
§ 1713 Sales of public land tracts
§ 1714 Withdrawals of lands
§ 1715 Acquisitions of public lands and access over non-Federal lands to National Forest System units
§ 1716 Exchanges of public lands or interests therein within the National Forest System
§ 1717 Qualifications of conveyees
§ 1718 Documents of conveyance; terms, covenants, etc.
§ 1719 Mineral interests; reservation and conveyance requirements and procedures
§ 1720 Coordination by Secretary of the Interior with State and local governments
§ 1721 Conveyances of public lands to States, local governments, etc.
§ 1722 Sale of public lands subject to unintentional trespass
§ 1723 Temporary revocation authority
Subchapter III - Administration
§ 1731 Bureau of Land Management
§ 1732 Management of use, occupancy, and development of public lands
§ 1733 Enforcement authority
§ 1734 Fees, charges, and commissions
§ 1734a Availability of excess fees
§ 1735 Forfeitures and deposits
§ 1736 Working capital fund
§ 1736a Revolving fund derived from disposal of salvage timber
§ 1737 Implementation provisions
§ 1738 Contracts for surveys and resource protection; renewals; funding requirements
§ 1739 Advisory councils
§ 1740 Rules and regulations
§ 1741 Annual reports
§ 1742 Search, rescue, and protection forces; emergency situations authorizing hiring
§ 1743 Disclosure of financial interests by officers or employees
§ 1744 Recordation of mining claims
§ 1745 Disclaimer of interest in lands
§ 1746 Correction of conveyance documents
§ 1747 Loans to States and political subdivisions; purposes; amounts; allocation; terms and conditions; interest rate; security; limitations; forebearance for benefit of borrowers; recordkeeping requirements; discrimination prohibited; deposit of receipts
§ 1748 Funding requirements
§ 1748a FLAME Wildfire Suppression Reserve Funds
§ 1748b Cohesive wildfire management strategy
Subchapter IV - Range Management
§ 1751 Grazing fees; feasibility study; contents; submission of report; annual distribution and use of range betterment funds; nature of distributions
§ 1752 Grazing leases and permits
§ 1753 Grazing advisory boards
Subchapter V - Rights-of-way
§ 1761 Grant, issue, or renewal of rights-of-way
§ 1762 Roads
§ 1763 Right-of-way corridors; criteria and procedures applicable for designation
§ 1764 General requirements
§ 1765 Terms and conditions
§ 1766 Suspension or termination; grounds; procedures applicable
§ 1767 Rights-of-way for Federal departments and agencies
§ 1768 Conveyance of lands covered by right-of-way; terms and conditions
§ 1769 Existing right-of-way or right-of-use unaffected; exceptions; rights-of-way for railroad and appurtenant communication facilities; applicability of existing terms and conditions
§ 1770 Applicability of provisions to other Federal laws
§ 1771 Coordination of applications
Subchapter VI - Designated Management Areas
§ 1781 California Desert Conservation Area
§ 1782 Bureau of Land Management Wilderness Study
§ 1783 Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
§ 1784 Lands in Alaska; designation as wilderness; management by Bureau of Land Management pending Congressional action
§ 1785 Fossil Forest Research Natural Area
§ 1786 Piedras Blancas Historic Light Station
§ 1787 Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area
Chapter 36 - Outer Continental Shelf Resource Management
§ 1801 Congressional findings
§ 1802 Congressional declaration of purposes
Subchapter I - Offshore Oil Spill Pollution Fund
Subchapter II - Fishermens Contingency Fund
§ 1841 Definitions
§ 1842 Fishermen’s Contingency Fund
§ 1843 Duties and powers of Secretary
§ 1844 Burden of proof
§ 1845 Claims procedure
§ 1846 Repealed.]
§ 1847 Repealed.]
Subchapter III - Miscellaneous Provisions
§ 1861 Repealed.]
§ 1862 Natural gas distribution
§ 1863 Unlawful employment practices; regulations
§ 1864 Disclosure of financial interests by officers and employees of Department of the Interior
§ 1865 Investigation of reserves of oil and gas in Outer Continental Shelf
§ 1866 Relationship to existing law
Subchapter I - Offshore Oil Spill Pollution Fund
Subchapter II - Fishermens Contingency Fund
§ 1841 Definitions
§ 1842 Fishermen’s Contingency Fund
§ 1843 Duties and powers of Secretary
§ 1844 Burden of proof
§ 1845 Claims procedure
§ 1846 Repealed.]
§ 1847 Repealed.]
Subchapter III - Miscellaneous Provisions
§ 1861 Repealed.]
§ 1862 Natural gas distribution
§ 1863 Unlawful employment practices; regulations
§ 1864 Disclosure of financial interests by officers and employees of Department of the Interior
§ 1865 Investigation of reserves of oil and gas in Outer Continental Shelf
§ 1866 Relationship to existing law
Subchapter I - Offshore Oil Spill Pollution Fund
Subchapter II - Fishermens Contingency Fund
§ 1841 Definitions
§ 1842 Fishermen’s Contingency Fund
§ 1843 Duties and powers of Secretary
§ 1844 Burden of proof
§ 1845 Claims procedure
§ 1846 Repealed.]
§ 1847 Repealed.]
Subchapter III - Miscellaneous Provisions
§ 1861 Repealed.]
§ 1862 Natural gas distribution
§ 1863 Unlawful employment practices; regulations
§ 1864 Disclosure of financial interests by officers and employees of Department of the Interior
§ 1865 Investigation of reserves of oil and gas in Outer Continental Shelf
§ 1866 Relationship to existing law
Chapter 37 - Public Rangelands Improvement
§ 1901 Congressional findings and declaration of policy
§ 1902 Definitions
§ 1903 Rangelands inventory and management; public availability
§ 1904 Range improvement funding
§ 1905 Grazing fees; economic value of use of land; fair market value components; annual percentage change limitation
§ 1906 Authority for cooperative agreements and payments effective as provided in appropriations
§ 1907 National Grasslands; exemptions
§ 1908 Experimental stewardship program
Chapter 38 - Crude Oil Transportation Systems
§ 2001 Findings
§ 2002 Statement of purposes
§ 2003 Definitions
§ 2004 Applications for approval of proposed crude oil transportation systems
§ 2005 Review schedule
§ 2006 Environmental impact statements
§ 2007 Decision of President
§ 2008 Procedures for waiver of Federal law
§ 2009 Expedited procedures for issuance of permits: enforcement of rights-of-way
§ 2010 Negotiations with Government of Canada
§ 2011 Judicial review
§ 2012 Authorization for appropriation
Chapter 39 - Abandoned Shipwrecks
§ 2101 Findings
§ 2102 Definitions
§ 2103 Rights of access
§ 2104 Preparation of guidelines
§ 2105 Rights of ownership
§ 2106 Relationship to other laws
Chapter 40 - Reclamation States Emergency Drought Relief
§ 2201 Definitions
Subchapter I - Drought Program
§ 2211 Assistance during drought; water purchases
§ 2212 Availability of water on temporary basis
§ 2213 Loans
§ 2214 Applicable period of drought program
§ 2215 Assistance for drought-related planning in reclamation States
Subchapter II - Drought Contingency Planning
§ 2221 Identification of opportunities for water supply conservation, augmentation and use
§ 2222 Drought contingency plans
§ 2223 Plan elements
§ 2224 Recommendations
§ 2225 Reclamation Drought Response Fund
§ 2226 Technical assistance and transfer of precipitation management technology
Subchapter III - General and Miscellaneous Provisions
§ 2241 Authorization of appropriations
§ 2242 Authority of Secretary
§ 2243 Temperature control at Shasta Dam, Central Valley Project
§ 2244 Effect of chapter on other laws
§ 2245 Excess storage and carrying capacity
§ 2246 Report
§ 2247 Federal Reclamation laws
Subchapter I - Drought Program
§ 2211 Assistance during drought; water purchases
§ 2212 Availability of water on temporary basis
§ 2213 Loans
§ 2214 Applicable period of drought program
§ 2215 Assistance for drought-related planning in reclamation States
Subchapter II - Drought Contingency Planning
§ 2221 Identification of opportunities for water supply conservation, augmentation and use
§ 2222 Drought contingency plans
§ 2223 Plan elements
§ 2224 Recommendations
§ 2225 Reclamation Drought Response Fund
§ 2226 Technical assistance and transfer of precipitation management technology
Subchapter III - General and Miscellaneous Provisions
§ 2241 Authorization of appropriations
§ 2242 Authority of Secretary
§ 2243 Temperature control at Shasta Dam, Central Valley Project
§ 2244 Effect of chapter on other laws
§ 2245 Excess storage and carrying capacity
§ 2246 Report
§ 2247 Federal Reclamation laws
Subchapter I - Drought Program
§ 2211 Assistance during drought; water purchases
§ 2212 Availability of water on temporary basis
§ 2213 Loans
§ 2214 Applicable period of drought program
§ 2215 Assistance for drought-related planning in reclamation States
Subchapter II - Drought Contingency Planning
§ 2221 Identification of opportunities for water supply conservation, augmentation and use
§ 2222 Drought contingency plans
§ 2223 Plan elements
§ 2224 Recommendations
§ 2225 Reclamation Drought Response Fund
§ 2226 Technical assistance and transfer of precipitation management technology
Subchapter III - General and Miscellaneous Provisions
§ 2241 Authorization of appropriations
§ 2242 Authority of Secretary
§ 2243 Temperature control at Shasta Dam, Central Valley Project
§ 2244 Effect of chapter on other laws
§ 2245 Excess storage and carrying capacity
§ 2246 Report
§ 2247 Federal Reclamation laws
Chapter 41 - Federal Land Transaction Facilitation
§ 2301 Findings
§ 2302 Definitions
§ 2303 Identification of inholdings
§ 2304 Disposal of public land
§ 2305 Federal Land Disposal Account
§ 2306 Special provisions
Chapter 42 - Rural Water Supply
Subchapter I - Reclamation Rural Water Supply
§ 2401 Definitions
§ 2402 Rural water supply program
§ 2403 Rural water programs assessment
§ 2404 Appraisal investigations
§ 2405 Feasibility studies
§ 2406 Miscellaneous
§ 2407 Reports
§ 2408 Authorization of appropriations
§ 2409 Termination of authority
Subchapter II - Twenty-first Century Water Works
§ 2421 Definitions
§ 2422 Project eligibility
§ 2423 Loan guarantees
§ 2424 Defaults
§ 2425 Operations, maintenance, and replacement costs
§ 2426 Title to newly constructed facilities
§ 2427 Water rights
§ 2428 Interagency coordination and cooperation
§ 2429 Records; audits
§ 2430 Full faith and credit
§ 2431 Report
§ 2432 Effect on the reclamation laws
§ 2433 Authorization of appropriations
§ 2434 Termination of authority

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