NPR Defunding Bill

H.R. 1076, which prohibits federal funding of National Public Radio and radio content acquisition, passes the house.

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Agreed Steve. This is wonderful. I hope the Senate passes it as well. We all need to tighten our belts. I love NPR, except when they act like our house isn’t burning down, and don’t report accurately. Otherwise they have great programming.

Yes, Steve and Penny. Everything should be Privately Funded. The military, the police, all research of all kinds… There should be no regulation of anything. BP just got caught. There should be no investigations because investigations cost money. There should be no balance. Accountability should be hidden behind Board Room doors, not open to public view. All activity by society should be motivated by the profit motive. If there is no direct capital profit in any activity, it should be outlawed, like swimming in the ocean. If you have to pay to use a pool, then that’s fine. If an action does not directly effect the GNP, it does not have value. There is no public good if what is valued is defined as capital improvement. Capital is the only good. And capital should be owned by the few who have the power and wealth to keep it. Public services? A waste of money. Public buildings? A waste of money. Once I tried to sleep in a Post Office during a road trip and I was told I had to leave. I PAY MY TAXES, THE POST OFFICE IS MINE!!!! There is no such thing as public good and balance, being something that one can’t put a price tag on it. What is good is good for me, and what’s good for me is something that’s good for my wallet, period. Do you really think I should put MY resources together with other Americans for the common good? What the heck are you, a Christian? Charity begins at home; MY home. I don’t trust my neighbor, let alone the guy who lives on the other side of town, or on the other side of the continent. We’re too big to be Americans. We’re just too diverse and too arrogant and too uncompromising for any real sense of national community. That’s why people cheat. First eliminate the cheaters and the fraud, then maybe I’d agree to pay for something. Not before, no way. If you can’t take care of your own in a disaster, then too bad. There should be no public funds to assist victims of disasters. It’s just weak. Like services we offer soldiers. When they get back, they should be on their own, just like me. No one has ever helped me. I did everything on my own. Nothing that is American (government) ever helped me from being the brilliant success that I am. Don’t ask me to pay fer nuttin. Well I’m done. I need some oxygen. God Bless U.S.

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