consumer law

Cancel My Order

Many companies allow their customers to place an order online, but if you ever try to cancel an order, good luck. To them, the Internet is an easy way to take your money. Want to cancel? Well, that’s what waiting on hold over the telephone is for. And that’s a shame. To wait on hold for 15 minutes and then have some customer service representative tell me how he will solve my problems and try to sell additional services is simply a waste of time. Believe me, no one is buying at that point. And, if they subjected new customers to that treatment, no one would ever buy.Before I pay another dime to some subscription service or an untested vendor, I am going to call them by telephone first to see what response I will get when a problem arises. If that sales call picks up on the third ring, but that call to cancel an order is shunted to Muzakland, that pretty much tells me to keep on looking around.