County Advises to Disable Pop-Up Blocker

I’m came across a website for a county this afternoon. At first, I tried to click on some of the links in the navigation, but that didn’t work. Then, I noticed the the warning at the bottom of the page:

Some links on this web page/site will be blocked if you have a “pop-up blocker” running on your computer. You will need to “Allow Blocked Content”, or make www.*****.org a “trusted site”.

C’mon. Why not just open the link in the existing window instead of forcing the user to open a new window? After all, this is pretty much the way the rest of the Internet works, except for those site that created a need to install a pop-up blocker in the first place. Then again, we don’t install pop-up blockers any more since Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari all ship with pop-up blockers built-in nowadays. Don’t fight the trend. Pop-up blockers are in place for a reason. Most people probably will not have noticed the pop-up blocker note and have thought your website was broken.