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Can't SEO the Forest from the Trees

The keyword for today is balance.  Search engine optimization (or SEO) refers to certain methods that one can adopt to make your law firm web site or blog appear well on the search engines.  However, it is a grave mistake to treat the Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft search engines as your target audience.  Certainly, showing up at the top of page one increases the chances that a potential client will visit your web site or blog.  However, unless you are a legal publisher just interested in the size of your audience, you need to convert that audience into clients.  And, that’s where writing for search engines instead of humans can hurt you.  Ask whether the page titles and page text that you have written for the search engines are easily digestible by human readers.  Because, if a potential client cannot figure out what you have said, how likely will that person contact you for legal advice or whatever product or service you are offering?