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The Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis Was an al-Qaeda Plot

Christian Science Monitor: Supreme Court case: Can terror suspect in US be held indefinitely?

US officials suspect Marri was sent to America by Osama bin Laden to carry out a second wave of terror attacks after the 9/11 attacks. They say he was plotting to wreak havoc on the US financial system by hacking into bank and other databases. In addition, he received Al Qaeda training in the use of poisons, according to the government.

Yes, the terrorists succeeded. Again. Here we were preparing for another 9/11-style attack by taking our shoes off at airports while the terrorists had already moved on to their next target. They were busy plotting to wreck havoc on our financial system by hacking into bank and other databases. Well, our financial system is pretty much wrecked and, as far as we know, we’ve received absolutely no assistance from al-Qaeda in that regards. Turns out, these terrorists wasted their time. Instead of attending terrorist boot camp and earning a poisons merit badge, the terrorists should have been busy wielding a pen in hand and filling out mortgage applications. That’s how you wreck a financial system. No need to resort to exotic avenues when low tech solutions work perfectly.

Here’s the docket sheet.

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They don’t even to do any of the two. They just have to sit down with a large grin on their faces while they watch us fall apart by ourselves. Saves them a lot from trouble.

Just to set the record straight, Al Qaeda is the name of a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan.

We’ve all be led to believe there really is a terroist organization of the same name so the media propaganists have a name to give the phony “war on terror”. The only war being fought is for your mind and freedom. Turn off the TV and go do your own investigation to connect the dots before it’s to late!

Al Qaeda would not only be delighted seeing us fall apart but also rejoicing of the fact that we lose faith in ourselves, in our system and in our government. Have faith, we can surpass all these crises.

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