How to Get Excused from Jury Duty

The one time I sat on a jury, I had the privilege of witnessing people offer every conceivable explanation to get excused including telling the judge in English that they had problems understanding English. Depending on the judge, that excuse may or may not get you far. If you want to be more convincing in your appeal, stop bathing for a week before you are scheduled to be called. However, your friends, family members or co-workers might revolt. Turns out, bad mouthing jury duty in Facebook can also get you booted off the jury. I think this only works if you set your privacy settings to allow persons others than friends to view your Status Updates.

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My father was a litigator and always told me that if you simply state that you are going to “vote” the way that God tells you to vote, at the time, then you probably won’t be picked.

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