Censorship is in Eye of the Beholder

On on hand…

S. Res 405 (Feb 2, 2010)

[T]he Senate–

(1) reaffirms the centrality of freedom of expression and press freedom as cornerstones of United States foreign policy and United States efforts to promote individual rights;

(2) expresses serious concern over ongoing official efforts in many countries to restrict speech and expression, including attempts to censor, restrict, and monitor access to the Internet;

(7) urges companies to engage in responsible business practices in the face of efforts by foreign governments to restrict the free flow of information by refusing to aid in the curtailment of free expression[.]

On the other hand…

H. Res. 224 (Mar. 7, 2007):

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that corporate owners of websites that share user-posted videos should take action to remove jihadi propaganda.

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