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What Westlaw Really Thinks About FindLaw

Ordinarily, I would classify legal research advertising under the “things that aren’t funny” category. But, the Westlaw marketing folks put together an entertaining video on stress toy abuse. My favorite line was when they criticize “the clumsiness of free legal research sites” with “primitive search tools.” I would love to hear a response from Scott Kinney, the Vice President and General Manager of FindLaw, which claims to be the highest-trafficked legal Web site. When your parent company comes out with an ad slamming your product, look out below.


Legal Juice Really Tastes Funny

legaljuice.jpgLegal Juice is a new blog by John B. Mesirow of Mesirow & Stravitz, a Washington D.C. personal injury law firm. Unlike the countless other legal blogs out there, this one focuses on the lighter side of the law by highlighting all things humorous about the legal profession, ranging from odd cases and strange court filings to weird laws. The items that Mesirow reports are outrageously funny. I had to stifle my laugh so as to not disturb my co-workers. Great blogs, like Legal Juice, compel me to read all the posts and leave me waiting for the next entry. I’ll be looking forward to the next post.