Chapter 1. Place of Trial - California Code of Civil Procedure Section 400

400.  When an order is made by the superior court granting or
denying a motion to change the place of trial, the party aggrieved by
the order may, within 20 days after service of a written notice of
the order, petition the court of appeal for the district in which the
court granting or denying the motion is situated for a writ of
mandate requiring trial of the case in the proper court. The superior
court may, for good cause, and prior to the expiration of the
initial 20-day period, extend the time for one additional period not
to exceed 10 days. The petitioner shall file a copy of the petition
in the trial court immediately after the petition is filed in the
court of appeal. The court of appeal may stay all proceedings in the
case, pending judgment on the petition becoming final. The clerk of
the court of appeal shall file with the clerk of the trial court, a
copy of any final order or final judgment immediately after the order
or judgment becomes final.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015