Chapter 1. Place of Trial - California Code of Civil Procedure Section 403

403.  A judge may, on motion, transfer an action or actions from
another court to that judge's court for coordination with an action
involving a common question of fact or law within the meaning of
Section 404. The motion shall be supported by a declaration stating
facts showing that the actions meet the standards specified in
Section 404.1, are not complex as defined by the Judicial Council and
that the moving party has made a good faith effort to obtain
agreement to the transfer from all parties to each action. Notice of
the motion shall be served on all parties to each action and on each
court in which an action is pending. Any party to that action may
file papers opposing the motion within the time permitted by rule of
the Judicial Council. The court to which a case is transferred may
order the cases consolidated for trial pursuant to Section 1048
without any further motion or hearing.
   The Judicial Council may adopt rules to implement this section,
including rules prescribing procedures for preventing duplicative or
conflicting transfer orders issued by different courts.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015