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Scrabulous isn't the Only Facebook Application Facing Legal Woes

Minekey Inc., the producer of iThink, was sued by i.think inc. for trademark infringement. iThink is an online polling application on Facebook that allows users to enter an opinion and permits other iThink users to vote whether they agree or disagree with that opinion. i.think inc is a online research and survey business. Here’s a copy of the amended complaint that i.think inc. recently filed in the U.S. District Court – Northern District of Texas.

Of course, trademark battles are not solely the province of for-profit businesses. In the U.S. District Court – Northern District of Illinois, Plaintiff Robert Morris College is seeking a declaratory judgment that changing its name to Robert Morris University “to more accurately reflect its status” does not infringe on Defendant Robert Morris University’s rights under the Lanham Act or the laws of trademark or unfair competition.

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