California DMV

If you have to visit a local California DMV office, make an appointment. Even though you will still have to pick a number and wait in line, the line for people with appointments will likely be shorter than the line for people without appointments. However, the DMV calendaring system is a bit non-intuitive. Ideally, the DMV will let you select a date and it will offer available times. However, that’s not the way the DMV works. You have to pick a date and time, and the DMV will let you know whether that date and time is open. Feels like playing Battleship. Just guessing different dates and times and looking for a hit.

Not sure why the DMV calls its employees technicians. If it was the person inspecting a vehicle, I will understand. But, the guy handing out wait tickets?

After you get your bingo ticket, you take a seat and wait for the announcer to call out your winning combination. If you owe money, be prepared. Unlike the rest of the world, the DMV does not accept credit cards! Cash, check or debit cards.

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Why do you illegally attach someone’s income for failure to renew the plates on a car not used in your state for almost a year. You had the guts to attach for a car relicensed in Washington State since about june of 2009. You are owed nothing, actually you should refund $$ for the months not used in your state. This is another reason many are getting the hell out of California and not go there. I tell all I know to stay out of California because you will find a way to rip them off. Respond if you have the guts!

Why does California DMV allow illegal aliens to register their cars?…..Next to me was a Mexican who spoke no english with a Mexican drivers licence….The Modesto Ca. DMV was going to issue a sticker (NO INSURANCE PAPERS WERE EVER INTRODUCED) Untill I said something……I was called a racist….but the Mexican was forced to leave……..Police have no way of knowing who in the hell is behind the wheel if the car has a current sticker…..APPARENTLY THIS OK UNLESS SOMEONE SAYS NO?….WHAT’S GOING ON?

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