Pay Parking Sign Citing CVC 21113(a)

21113(a) CVC


California Vehicle Code § 21113(a) states that “[n]o person shall drive any vehicle or animal, nor shall any person stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle or animal, whether attended or unattended, upon the driveways, paths, parking facilities, or the grounds of…any educational institution exempted, in whole or in part, from taxation,…except with the permission of, and upon and subject to any condition or regulation which may be imposed by the…educational institution….”

So, if you ride your donkey to school and leave him tied to the parking meter during class, I think you have to leave a payment at the machine.

3 replies on “Pay Parking Sign Citing CVC 21113(a)”

Haha. I love great laws like this one. It would be great to see someone ride a horse or donkey in and tie it to a meter and put money in for the parking. Great post!

LOL. The fines for violations under this code ranges from $5-$508. Ironically, I don’t see a reference that mentions any animal . . .but I’m sure it would be a pricey citation. Thanks for the post.

It’s a little crazy that the fines range so much. However, animals can be messy and I guess it’s a good deterrent. If someone did decide to ride their donkey into town and left it unattended their would probably be a pretty big mess to clean up.

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