No Bubbles Here

If you’re ever bored, take a look at Domain Name Scoop, a tool that “appraises” a website based on various publicly-available metrics. Just pinning a dollar figure on a website must provide tremendous entertainment value, at least it did for me and probably for others as well. Thus, the site has a tendency to go down. Madly hitting the refresh key does solve the problem though. 😉 Let’s punch a few buttons and what various legal websites are worth.Sitting at the top of the heap is, and no one else is even close. Compare their valuation to Essentially the same content, but one is designed for consumers and one is designed for lawyers. By repurposing their content, $6 million suddenly becomes $154 million. Wow! $154,017,560 Worth more than everyone else! Combined!! $20,629,620 Fighting with FindLaw for second place. $6,251,550 Ditto. $3,553,600 Neither as valuable as FindLaw, nor $2,811,620 $2.8 million will buy you a lot of legal forms. $1,316,310 Too good to be worth only a million. $1,114,960 Definitely one of the more useful legal web sites. $202,496 Kevin O’Keefe’s blawg company. $69,116 Robert Ambrogi’s website and blog.

Since the valuations are based on ongoing web metrics, these values will fluctuate depending on the data that that site pulls from (i.e., check in a week from now and the values may all be different).