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Real Immigration Reform

Kansas City Star: Florida bill would outlaw language denoting `illegal aliens’. Florida state Sen. Frederica Wilson is sponsoring a bill that would outlaw the use of “illegal alien” on state documents. Wilson prefers the use of undocumented citizen or undocumented immigrant.

A certificate of naturalization? Oh, that’s a mere document. Nothing more than a slip of paper. A few scribbles on a piece of paper, really. The oath of allegiance? A few meaningless words. Seriously, an undocumented citizen? Let’s see someone try that one in court.Trafficking in Stolen Property. I am really the undocumented owner of the property in question.Kidnapping. My undocumented child custody order stated I had possession of the kids.Bad Check. My undocumented bank statement said I had enough funds.And, if you ever lose at trial, there’s always the undocumented reversal that the appellate court issued in your favor.