Philadelphia Eagles Sue Terrell Owens

Even though the Philadelphia Eagles released Terrell Owens two years ago, the team would like to see T.O one more time–preferably with a check in hand.  The Eagles just sued Terrell Owens this week seeking confirmation of an arbitration award of $769,117.65.

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Ban from the NFL?

After the criminal justice system finishes with Michael Vick, should the NFL allow him to re-enter the league?  A lot of people (including some visitors to this website) have proposed such a ban.  However, I am not so certain this is the right move.  After all, Michael Vick isn’t seeking admission to the bar.  Committing a crime of moral turpitude might get you kicked out of many professions, but he’s not seeking to be a doctor, lawyer, banker or other position that requires some indicia of trustworthiness.  You don’t even need a college degree to get a job (as an athlete) in the NFL.  Let the man resume his career the Atlanta Falcons or another team will take him.  In reality, if he is in playing condition after his release from prison, he will take a big pay cut because of his diminished marketability.  Let him become a hard-working, tax-paying citizen again.