New York Penal - Article 240 - § 240.25 Harassment in the First Degree

  § 240.25 Harassment in the first degree.
    A  person  is  guilty of harassment in the first degree when he or she
  intentionally and repeatedly harasses another person by  following  such
  person  in  or about a public place or places or by engaging in a course
  of conduct or by repeatedly committing acts which places such person  in
  reasonable  fear  of  physical injury.   This section shall not apply to
  activities regulated by the national labor relations  act,  as  amended,
  the  railway  labor  act,  as  amended,  or the federal employment labor
  management act, as amended.
    Harassment in the first degree is a class B misdemeanor.
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Last modified: February 15, 2014