Code of Alabama - Title 1: General Provisions - Section 1-2-15 - Poet Laureate

Section 1-2-15 - Poet Laureate.

There shall be the honorary office of Poet Laureate of Alabama.

The Writers' Conclave, a voluntary organization of Alabama historians, playwrights, fiction writers, poets and newspaper writers, may at any annual meeting of said Writers' Conclave, designate a suitable person to hold the honorary office of Poet Laureate of Alabama; and, upon the election of a nominee by a majority of the membership present and voting, the same may be certified to the Governor of Alabama by the president of said Writers' Conclave as duly elected to the position, whereupon the Governor shall issue a commission to said Poet Laureate, bearing the Great Seal of the State of Alabama.

The term of office of Poet Laureate of Alabama shall be indeterminate. Vacancies shall be filled by the method described in the preceding paragraph.

No salary or other emoluments of a monetary nature shall be paid to the Poet Laureate of Alabama by the state by virtue of said office.

The Poet Laureate of Alabama may be entitled to wear upon his person as an insignia of the office a small gold medal simulating in design an open book, upon which may be inscribed the title of the office, the name of the incumbent and the date of the commission issued by the Governor, said medal to be provided by the Alabama Writers' Conclave from its own funds.

(Acts 1931, No. 92, p. 168; Code 1940, T. 55, §9.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021