Code of Alabama - Title 10A: Alabama Business and Nonprofit Entities Code - Section 10A-1-2.12 - Consideration for indebtedness

Section 10A-1-2.12 - Consideration for indebtedness.

(a) Unless otherwise provided by its governing documents or this title a domestic entity may create indebtedness for any consideration the entity considers appropriate, including:

(1) cash;

(2) property;

(3) a contract to receive property;

(4) a debt or other obligation of the entity or of another person;

(5) services performed or a contract for services to be performed; or

(6) a direct or indirect benefit realized by the entity.

(b) In the absence of fraud in the transaction, the judgment of the governing authority of a domestic entity as to the value of the consideration received by the entity for indebtedness is conclusive.

(c) For purposes of establishing the receipt of consideration under this section, a domestic entity is treated as part of the entity creating indebtedness if the domestic entity is directly or indirectly or wholly or partly owned by that entity.

(Act 2009-513, p. 967, §11.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021