Code of Alabama - Title 11: Counties and Municipal Corporations - Section 11-50A-33 - Severability

Section 11-50A-33 - Severability.

In the event any portion of this chapter should be declared invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of any of the remaining portions of this chapter, which shall continue effective; provided, however, that if Section 11-50A-7 hereof or any portion of Section 11-50A-7 is held invalid or unconstitutional or if the payments in lieu of taxation provision set out in Section 11-50A-7 is for any reason determined to be unenforceable in a legal proceeding related to the initial issuance of bonds, bond anticipation notes or notes of the authority, then the entire chapter shall be invalid and ineffective and shall not be law.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-681, p. 1114, §34.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021