Code of Alabama - Title 11: Counties and Municipal Corporations - Section 11-54-4 - Binding option agreements for sale of industrial park authorized

Section 11-54-4 - Binding option agreements for sale of industrial park authorized.

Each municipality in this state holding property as the site of an industrial park is hereby authorized to make and enter into binding option agreements for the sale of all or any portion of said industrial park, subject however, to the following conditions and limitations:

(1) No option shall be entered into for a period exceeding one year.

(2) Where an appraisal is required pursuant to Section 11-54-3, the option amount shall be for not less than the average of the market value stated in two independent appraisals dated not earlier than 60 days prior to consummation of the option agreement. Where the option agreement is for less than one year, said original option agreement may be extended by the municipality up to a maximum of one year without new appraisals. When the provisions on any constitutional amendment relieve or exempt the municipality from the provisions of Section 94 of the Constitution of 1901, no appraisal shall be necessary, provided the provisions of any such amendment are followed and the option is specifically made subject to the provisions of such amendment, and the option is for no longer than two years.

(3) Where the provisions of any constitutional amendment relieve or exempt any municipality from the provisions of Section 94 of the 1901 Constitution of Alabama, as amended, with respect to land acquired and held by said municipality as an industrial site, or industrial park, then the provisions of such constitutional amendment shall apply; provided however, that no municipality relieved or exempted from the provisions of said Section 94 shall sell any real property held as an industrial site or industrial park, for a price less than the actual purchase and development cost of such property unless:

a. A public meeting is held at which a price is approved by the governing body; provided further, that notice of such meeting has first been published, at least 14 days prior to holding such meetings, in a newspaper with the largest circulation in the county in which the property is located stating: (i) the acreage proposed to be sold, (ii) the section or sections or subdivisions of record in which the property is located, (iii) the price per acre at which sale is proposed to be made, and (iv) the place where a map of the property can be examined by the public; and

b. The price thus approved is no less than the price advertised as hereinabove stated.

(4) At least 10 percent of the total purchase price shall be paid by the optionee at the time of the option agreement, which said payment may be credited against the purchase price upon closing, but may not be returned to the optionee in the event the option agreement is not exercised.

(Acts 1984, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 84-746, p. 112.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021