Code of Alabama - Title 11: Counties and Municipal Corporations - Section 11-59-8 - Powers of corporations generally

Section 11-59-8 - Powers of corporations generally.

The corporation shall have the following powers together with all powers incidental thereto or necessary for the performance of those hereinafter stated:

(1) To have succession by its corporate name for the period specified in the certificate of incorporation unless sooner dissolved as provided in this chapter;

(2) To sue and be sued and to prosecute and defend civil actions in any court having jurisdiction of the subject matter and of the parties;

(3) To have and to use a corporate seal and to alter the same at pleasure;

(4) To acquire, whether by condemnation, purchase, exchange, gift, lease, devise or otherwise, and to construct, enlarge, improve, maintain, equip, and furnish one or more facilities, including all real and personal properties which the board of directors of the corporation may deem necessary or convenient in connection therewith and regardless of whether or not any such facilities shall then be in existence and whether or not the same shall then be publicly or privately owned and whether or not the same shall then be used by the municipality;

(5) To operate and to lease to others any or all of its facilities;

(6) To fix and collect admission fees to and rents and charges for the use of its facilities or of any part thereof and to make and enforce regulations for the termination of any admission privileges or licenses granted by it and the discontinuance of any leases or services upon the failure to pay any fees, charges or rents provided therefor;

(7) To issue its revenue bonds for the purpose of carrying out any of its powers;

(8) To mortgage and pledge its facilities or any part or parts thereof, whether then owned or thereafter acquired, and to pledge the rents and revenues therefrom or from any thereof as security for the payment of the principal of and interest on any bonds so issued and any obligations incurred in connection therewith;

(9) To exchange, sell, and convey any of its facilities which shall have become worn out or obsolete or which shall not be needed for the furtherance of its corporate purposes;

(10) To exercise all powers of eminent domain now or hereafter conferred on municipalities in this state;

(11) To appoint and employ such officers, employees, and agents, including attorneys, as the board of directors shall deem necessary for the business of the corporation; and

(12) To purchase machinery and equipment on the installment plan, to borrow money for such purpose and to issue negotiable notes or other evidence of debt in evidence thereof and as security therefor, to pledge and mortgage the machinery so purchased.

(Acts 1947, No. 231, p. 94, §8; Acts 1967, Ex. Sess., No. 115, p. 157; Acts 1971, No. 675, p. 1402.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021