Code of Alabama - Title 11: Counties and Municipal Corporations - Section 11-61A-10 - Operation of the facility

Section 11-61A-10 - Operation of the facility.

(a) As used in this section, the word "person" means a natural person, a corporation, a partnership, or an unincorporated association.

(b) The authority shall carefully consider and decide whether it is in the public interest for the authority to operate the facility, enter into a contract with a person to operate the facility for the authority, or lease the facility. The authority shall consider all the following factors in making this determination:

(1) The relative efficiency of the alternate operations.

(2) The relative economy of the alternate operations.

(3) The overall advantage and benefit to the authority and the public of the alternate operations.

In order to make this determination, the authority shall ascertain each of the following:

(1) The amount necessary in each year to pay the principal and interest on the bonds proposed to be issued to finance the parking facility.

(2) The amount necessary to be paid each year to any reserve fund which the board deems advisable to establish in connection with the retirement of the bonds and the maintenance of the parking facility or facilities.

(3) Unless the terms under which the project is to be leased provide that the lessee shall maintain the project and carry all proper insurance, including liability insurance, the estimated cost of maintaining the parking facility in good repair and keeping it properly insured.

(c) The board may not enter into any lease of the parking facility unless the lease provides for both of the following:

(1) The lessee to pay to the authority a sufficient amount to meet the amortization requirements during the term of the lease.

(2) The lessee to pay the cost of keeping the parking facility in good repair and properly insured. These requirements shall not apply if the lease obligates the lessee, at lessee's expense, to keep the facility in good repair and properly insured.

(d) The lease agreement may, at the discretion of the board, contain provisions describing minimum operating hours, maximum charges to be collected by the lessee, and other terms the lessee will be required to observe in operating the parking facility.

(Acts 1994, No. 94-254, p. 470, §10.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021