Code of Alabama - Title 11: Counties and Municipal Corporations - Section 11-67-68 - Alternate abatement procedures; costs

Section 11-67-68 - Alternate abatement procedures; costs.

(a) In the case of any property on which overgrown grass or weeds have been previously abated or on which abatement has been attempted through the process of posting notice on the property to be abated pursuant to Article 2 or this article, a municipality may adopt procedures different from the procedures provided in Article 2 or this article to abate overgrown grasses and weeds for subsequent abatement.

(b) After the abatement of any overgrown grass or weeds pursuant to the procedures provided in the ordinance adopted pursuant to this section, the reasonable costs of abatement shall be assessed and collected as a weed lien in the same manner as provided in Section 11-67-66. The municipality may assess the reasonable costs authorized against any lot or lots or parcel or parcels of land purchased by the State of Alabama or any purchaser at any sale for the nonpayment of taxes, and where an assessment is made against a lot or lots or parcel or parcels of land, a subsequent redemption thereof by a person authorized to redeem or the sale thereof by the state shall not operate to discharge, or in any manner affect the lien of the municipality for the assessment. A person redeeming the property or purchaser at a sale by the state of any lot or lots or parcel or parcels of land upon which an assessment has been levied, whether prior to or subsequent to a sale to the state or purchaser for the nonpayment of taxes, shall take the same subject to the assessment.

(c) Any municipality that adopts or has adopted alternate procedures for the abatement of overgrown grasses or weeds pursuant to any other general or local law may follow those procedures or may follow the procedures provided in this section.

(Act 2014-303, p. 1097, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021