Code of Alabama - Title 13A: Criminal Code - Section 13A-11-1 - Definitions

Section 13A-11-1 - Definitions.

The following definitions apply in this article:

(1) OBSTRUCT. To "obstruct" means to render impassable without unreasonable inconvenience or hazard. A gathering of persons to hear a person speak or otherwise communicate does not constitute an obstruction.

(2) PUBLIC PLACE. A place to which the public or a substantial group of persons has access, and includes but is not limited to highways, transportation facilities, schools, places of amusement, parks, playgrounds and hallways, lobbies and other portions of apartment houses not constituting rooms or apartments designed for actual residence; provided, that no private dwelling and no place engaged for a private gathering is included within the meaning of public place with respect to any person specifically invited therein.

(3) TRANSPORTATION FACILITY. Any conveyance, premises or place used for or in connection with public passenger transportation, whether by air, railroad, motor vehicle or any other method. It includes aircraft, water craft, railroad cars, buses and air, boat, railroad and bus terminals and stations and all appurtenances thereto.

(Acts 1977, No. 607, p. 812, §5501.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021