Code of Alabama - Title 13A: Criminal Code - Section 13A-11-140 - Definitions

Section 13A-11-140 - Definitions.

The following definitions apply to Sections 13A-11-140 through 13A-11-143:

(1) SPORTS CONTEST. Any professional or amateur sport, athletic game or contest, or race or contest involving machines, persons or animals, viewed by the public, and for which admission is charged.

(2) SPORTS PARTICIPANT. Any person who participates or expects to participate in a sports contest as a player, contestant or member of a team, or as a coach, manager, trainer or other person directly associated with a player, contestant or team.

(3) SPORTS OFFICIAL. Any person who acts or expects to act in a sports contest as an umpire, referee or judge, or otherwise to officiate at a sports contest.

(Acts 1977, No. 607, p. 812, §4210.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021