Code of Alabama - Title 15: Criminal Procedure - Section 15-23-5 - Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission - Powers and duties

Section 15-23-5 - Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission - Powers and duties.

The commission shall have all the powers and privileges of a corporation and all of its business shall be transacted in the name of the commission. In addition to any other powers and duties specified elsewhere in this article, the commission shall have the power to:

(1) Regulate its own procedures except as otherwise provided in this chapter.

(2) Define any term not defined in this article.

(3) Prescribe forms necessary to carry out the purposes of this article.

(4) Obtain access to investigative reports made by law enforcement officers or law enforcement agencies which may be necessary to assist the commission in making a determination of eligibility for compensation under this article; provided however, the reports and the information contained herein, when received by the commission, shall be confidential and under no circumstances shall the commission disclose the same except to a grand jury.

(5) Take judicial notice of general, technical, and scientific facts within their specialized knowledge.

(6) Publicize the availability of compensation and information regarding the filing of claims therefor.

(7) Collect all moneys provided by this article to be collected by the commission.

(8) Provide for and maintain all necessary administrative facilities and personnel.

(9) Provide for payment of all administrative salaries, fees, and expenses.

(10) Cause its moneys to be invested and its investments sold or exchanged and the proceeds and income collected.

(11) Determine who is a victim or dependent.

(12) Pass upon all applications for compensation or other benefits provided for in this article.

(13) Authorize executive director to pass upon all supplemental applications for compensation in an amount not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) and to pass upon all original applications for claims in an amount not to exceed two thousand dollars ($2,000).

(14) Adopt rules and regulations as may be necessary or desirable to expedite the administration of the affairs of the commission not inconsistent with this article.

(15) Provide descriptive literature and promotional items respecting the commission and its duties.

(16) Pay all compensation or other benefits that may be determined to be due under this article and under the rules and regulations of the commission.

(17) Employ such agents, attorneys, actuaries, and other specialized personnel as shall be necessary or desirable to enable the commission to carry on its functions in a proper and sound manner.

(18) Receive by gift, grant, devise, or bequest any moneys or properties of any nature or description.

(19) Accept and administer loans, grants, and donations from the federal government, its agencies, and all other sources, public and private, for carrying out any of its functions.

(20) Develop a comprehensive analysis of the problems regarding victims of crime within the criminal justice system or systems of this state and formulate model programs, plans, or methods for lessening the physical, mental, or financial burdens placed on innocent crime victims by the operation of the criminal justice system both on the state and local level.

(21) Identify laws, rules, or regulations proposed or adopted by any agency or institution of this state or any political subdivision thereof which have or will have a significant adverse or beneficial impact upon crime victims and to advocate the adoption, repeal, or modification thereof in the interest of innocent victims of crime.

(22) Collect, develop, and maintain statistical information, records, and reports as the commission may determine relevant or necessary to carry out its powers, duties, or functions pursuant to this article. All agencies and institutions of this state or the political subdivisions thereof shall, upon a written request by the commission, furnish to the commission statistical information or data as the commission shall deem necessary to fulfill its duties and responsibilities.

(23) Award loans or grants of money, equipment, or personnel to public or private nonprofit corporations or associations, agencies of the State of Alabama or political subdivisions thereof, or to state, county, or municipal law enforcement, prosecutorial or judicial agencies upon terms and conditions as the commission may deem proper for the purpose of developing, enhancing, or establishing bona fide model crime victims service programs which emphasize the collection of restitution from criminals as an integral part of the criminal justice process, but the loans or grants shall only be awarded when sufficient funds are available in excess of reasonably anticipated or projected claims for compensation.

(24) Provide for the cost of medical examinations for the purpose of gathering evidence and treatment for preventing venereal disease in sexual abuse crimes and offenses.

(25) Carry out any powers expressly granted elsewhere in this article to the commission.

(26) All other powers necessary for the proper administration of this article.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021