Code of Alabama § 16-29-1 - Required; Scope; Suspension of Infected Child

Section 16-29-1

Required; scope; suspension of infected child.

The Department of Education and the State Board of Health shall in conjunction arrange for the examination of each and every child attending the public schools of this state, both male and female, for any physical defects of any kind, embracing mental deficiency; diseases of the ear, eye, nose and throat, mouth and teeth; any deformity or dislocation of the hip joints or spinal disease; phymosis; hookworm disease and any and all other communicable or contagious diseases where either the county board of education or a city board of education or the State Department of Education has cause to believe that such child has a communicable or contagious disease; and any disease requiring medical or surgical aid in developing the child into a strong and healthy individual. The several county boards of education and county boards of health shall cooperate fully with the State Board of Education and the State Board of Health in the promotion of this work. The county superintendent of education shall arrange with the county health officer a schedule of dates for this examination of the children in the public schools under his supervision, and the city superintendent of schools shall make like schedule for the schools under his supervision.

The county or city board of education, upon receipt of a report from the medical officer, may suspend said child from attendance of any public school if said medical examiner is of the opinion that said communicable or contagious disease or any other disease will endanger the health of the child attending said school.

The ruling of said city or county board is subject to review before the state board and a three-man panel of medical examiners appointed by said board.

Said child may be suspended for so long as said contagious or communicable disease or diseases enumerated above exist, or endanger the pupils attending said school, within the discretion of the examining authorities and boards before mentioned.

(School Code 1927, §619; Code 1940, T. 52, §553; Acts 1965, 3rd Ex. Sess., No. 53, p. 264.)

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