Code of Alabama - Title 16: Education - Section 16-60-242 - Appointment of director of programs; contents of programs

Section 16-60-242 - Appointment of director of programs; contents of programs.

(a) The Chancellor of Postsecondary Education may appoint a director of displaced homemakers programs to conduct, or cause to be conducted, programs to assist displaced homemakers at such two-year institutions as the Chancellor may approve through a request for proposal process.

(b) Programs to assist displaced homemakers may include:

(1) Job counseling services which are specifically designed for displaced homemakers who may be entering the job market for the first time or who may be reentering the job market after a number of years as a homemaker;

(2) Job training and job placement services which shall be developed by working with federal, state, and local government agencies and the private sector;

(3) Assistance in gaining admission to existing public and private job training programs and opportunities;

(4) Assistance in identifying community needs and in creating new jobs for displaced homemakers in the public and private sectors;

(5) Health education and counseling services in cooperation with existing health programs with respect to general principles of preventive health care, family health care and nutrition, alcohol and drug addiction, and health care consumer education;

(6) Financial management services which provide information and assistance with respect to insurance, taxes, estate and probate problems, mortgages, loans, and other related financial matters;

(7) Educational services, which shall include outreach and information about courses offering credit through secondary or postsecondary education programs and information about such other programs which are determined to be of interest and benefit to displaced homemakers by the Chancellor;

(8) Referral of displaced homemakers to the appropriate private and public agencies for advice and assistance on health care, financial matters, educational opportunities, public assistance, and legal problems and on such other matters as shall be determined to be of interest and benefit to displaced homemakers; and

(9) Traditional and nontraditional occupational skill training.

(Acts 1984, No. 84-380, p. 888, §3.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021