Code of Alabama - Title 16: Education - Section 16-60-308 - Responsibilities of the board

Section 16-60-308 - Responsibilities of the board.

The responsibilities of the board shall include all of the following:

(1) Evaluate grant proposals based on the purpose shown in Section 16-60-305.

(2) Monitor and ensure that expenditures of grant funds are in accordance with the associated grant proposal, this article, and relevant state laws.

(3) Upon finding that such grant expenditures are not in accordance with the aforementioned conditions, suspend the release of further grant funds and take action to recover the improperly expended grant funds.

(4) Design and distribute its grant proposal instrument.

(5) Maintain up-to-date records of all grants that are currently in effect.

(6) Maintain records, for a period of three full years, of all completed grants and grant proposals that were denied.

(7) Promulgate necessary reasonable rules to implement and enforce this article.

(Act 2001-501, p. 880, §9.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021