Code of Alabama - Title 16: Education - Section 16-65-3 - Definitions

Section 16-65-3 - Definitions.

The following terms shall have the following meanings, respectively:

(1) AUTHORITY. The Alabama Higher Education Equipment Loan Authority created by this chapter and any successor or successors thereto. Any change in name or composition of the authority shall in no way affect the vested rights of any person under the provisions of this chapter.

(2) BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The board of directors of the authority.

(3) BONDS. The bonds of the authority issued under the provisions of this chapter, including revenue refunding bonds.

(4) EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION. Every public college, public university, public graduate school, public professional school, public junior college, community college, public business college, and any other public institution of higher learning that teaches a trade or a profession, heretofore or hereafter established or acquired under statutory authorization of the Legislature of Alabama and existing as a public institution of learning supported in substantial part by state appropriations, or by revenues derived from taxation.

(5) EQUIPMENT. All capital equipment and other capital personal property of every kind that an educational institution may at any time have been or be authorized to acquire and use in the performance of its functions and responsibilities, including, without limitation thereto, computer hardware and software, laboratory equipment, and medical equipment, specifically excluding buildings or other capital improvements.

(6) EQUIPMENT COSTS. All or any part of the cost of acquiring equipment, including financing charges, the costs of obtaining bond insurance, letters of credit or other forms of credit enhancement or liquidity facilities, underwriters' commissions or discounts, provisions for reserves for principal and interest, the cost of consulting, financial and legal services, administrative expenses, and other similar or related costs. In the case of bonds issued for the purpose of refunding principal and interest, or either, with respect to outstanding bonds or other obligations, as provided for herein, equipment costs shall include any premium that may be necessary to pay in order to redeem or retire such bonds or other obligations to be refunded.

(7) EQUIPMENT LOAN. A loan by the authority to a public educational institution pursuant to the terms of this chapter for the purpose of financing equipment costs incurred or to be incurred by such educational institution.

(8) STATE. The State of Alabama.

(Acts 1997, No. 97-388, p. 632, §3.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021