Code of Alabama - Title 2: Agriculture - Section 2-21-19 - Licensing

Section 2-21-19 - Licensing.

(a) No person shall manufacture or sell a commercial feed in this state, unless he or she has filed with the commissioner on forms provided by the commissioner, his or her name, place of business, and location of each manufacturing facility from which feed may be shipped within or into this state.

(b) The person shall apply for and obtain from the commissioner a license authorizing the sale and distribution of commercial feed. The application for a license shall be accompanied by the fee hereinafter required and shall be on forms furnished by the commissioner which shall contain such information as is necessary for the issuance of the license. All licensing shall expire on December 31 of each year and shall be renewed annually as of January 1 upon the filing of an application and payment of the required license fee. The license fee shall be based upon the number of tons of commercial feed sold or distributed in this state during the preceding 12-month period ending December 31. The amount of the license fee shall be established by the Board of Agriculture and Industries within the range as set out in the following schedule:

Tons SoldLicense Fee
Less than 250 tons ....$ 30.00- 45.00
250 tons or more but less than 500 tons .... 60.00 - 90.00
500 tons or more but less than 1,000 tons ....200.00 - 300.00
1,000 tons or more but less than 2,000 tons ....250.00 - 375.00
2,000 tons or more but less than 4,000 tons ....300.00 - 450.00
4,000 tons or more but less than 8,000 tons ....350.00 - 575.00
8,000 tons or more ....400.00 - 750.00

If the license fee is not paid within a period of 30 days after the date on which payment thereof is due, a delinquent penalty of 10 percent of the total amount due or a minimum amount of $10.00 shall be added to the license fee. The license fee due hereunder, and any delinquent penalty, shall constitute a debt and becomes the basis of judgment against the person required to obtain the license if not paid as herein required. The amount of the license fee required to be paid by persons not previously distributing commercial feed into this state shall be the minimum fee of $30.00 for a license also expiring on December 31 following the date of issuance at which time the license shall be renewable in accordance with this subsection.

(c) In the event of sale or other transfer of ownership of a commercial feed manufacturing or sale facility by a person who has a license as required in this section, the license shall be transferred to the new owner, provided, that the amount of such new owner's license required on January 1 shall be governed by the amount of the person's previous sales from which the license was transferred.

It is hereby intended that every person who manufactures or formulates or labels any commercial feed which is sold in or for importation into this state, or any person who labels any such commercial feed and sells it in or for importation into this state, whether manufactured by such person or not, shall be required to procure a license and pay the fee therefor as herein required.

(d) Pursuant to rules and regulations, any person making application for a license as required in subsection (b) of this section shall place on file with the commissioner the label for each brand of feed which the person may sell, offer for sale, or distribute for sale in this state. The label so filed with the commissioner shall be the official label for the commercial feed sold, offered for sale, or distributed for sale in this state. Any commercial feed sold, offered for sale, or distributed for sale with a label not on file or at variance with the official label shall be deemed misbranded and subject to the penalties of this chapter.

(e) The commissioner is empowered to refuse or cancel the license of any manufacturer whose commercial feed is not in compliance with the provisions of this chapter or to prevent the sale, offering for sale, or distribution for sale of any commercial feed determined by official action to be harmful, detrimental, or of no value when used in accordance with the label directions; provided, that no action under this section shall be final until the manufacturer shall have been given an opportunity to be heard before the commissioner.

(Acts 1978, No. 780, p. 1143, §4; Act 2004-516, p. 996, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021