Code of Alabama - Title 2: Agriculture - Section 2-32-5 - Nonprofit association

Section 2-32-5 - Nonprofit association.

(a) Any Alabama nonprofit association of ratite producers organized for the promotion and betterment of the ratite industry may apply to the board for certification and approval for the purpose of conducting a referendum among ratite producers of the state, on the question of levying an assessment and collecting, expending, and utilizing the assessment for the purpose or purposes authorized under this chapter and as stated in the referendum. Any nonprofit association approved or certified by the board may execute or carry out a promotional program pursuant to this chapter.

(b) Upon any nonprofit association of ratite producers filing an application with the board, the board shall within 30 days thereafter meet and consider the application. If the board is satisfied that the applicant is fairly representative of the ratite producers of the state, and the board finds and determines that the application is in conformity with the provisions and purposes of this chapter, the board shall certify the association as a duly delegated and authorized association and shall certify that the association may conduct among the ratite producers of the state a referendum for the purpose set forth in its application.

(Acts 1997, No. 97-638, p. 1163, §5.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021