Code of Alabama - Title 24: Housing - Section 24-9-6 - Acquisition of tax delinquent properties

Section 24-9-6 - Acquisition of tax delinquent properties.

(a) The authority, at such times as it deems to be appropriate, may submit a written request to the Land Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Revenue for the transfer of the state's interest in certain properties to the authority. Upon receipt of such request, the Land Commissioner shall issue a tax deed conveying the state's interest in the property to the authority. The authority shall not be required to pay the amount deemed to have been bid to cover delinquent taxes or any other amount in order to obtain the tax deed.

(b) (1) Delinquent property which may be transferred by the Land Commissioner to the authority shall be limited to parcels which have been bid in for the state pursuant to Chapter 10 of Title 40 for at least five years and the state's interest in real property acquired pursuant to Chapter 29 of Title 40 for delinquent taxes administered by the state and held for at least five years.

(2) The Land Commissioner or his or her agents or assistants may adopt rules necessary to transfer such properties to the authority.

(c) The authority shall administer properties acquired by it as follows:

(1) All property acquired by the authority shall be inventoried and the inventory shall be maintained as a public record.

(2) The authority shall have the power to manage, maintain, protect, rent, lease, repair, insure, alter, sell, trade, exchange, or otherwise dispose of any property acquired pursuant to subsection (b)(1), on terms and conditions determined in the sole discretion of the authority.

(d) Nothing contained in Act 2013-249 shall be construed to grant any power of eminent domain to the authority or any local authority.

(Act 2009-738, p. 2203, §6; Act 2010-727, p. 1827, §1; Act 2013-249, p. 610, §1; Act 2018-192, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021