Code of Alabama - Title 25: Industrial Relations and Labor - Section 25-9-216 - Transportation of men

Section 25-9-216 - Transportation of men.

(a) Man-trips shall be operated at safe speeds consistent with the condition of roads and type of equipment used, but not to exceed 12 miles an hour in mine cars or 15 miles an hour when special, substantially covered man-trip cars are used.

(b) Each man-trip shall be under the charge of a responsible person and it shall be operated independently of any loaded trip of coal or other material.

(c) Cars on the man-trip shall not be overloaded and sufficient cars in good mechanical condition shall be provided.

(d) No person shall ride under the trolley wire unless suitably covered man-cars are used.

(e) No material or tools shall be transported in the same mine car with men and all persons shall ride inside of man-trip cars, except the motorman and brakeman or person in charge of the man-trip. Where compartmented man-cars are used, tools or supplies, other than explosives, secured so that they cannot cause injury to men in other compartments, may be transported in a compartment designated for that purpose.

(f) Men shall not load or unload before the cars in which they are to ride or are riding come to a full stop and men shall proceed in an orderly manner to and from man-trips.

(g) A waiting station shall be provided where men are required to wait for man-trips or man-cages. At places where men enter or leave man-trip conveyances, ample clearance shall be provided and provisions made to prevent persons from coming into contact with energized electric circuits. Adequate seating facilities shall be provided.

(h) Where hoists are used for handling men in underground slopes, in pitching beds or on slopes between two or more beds, the provision as to man-trips applies and special care shall be exercised to insure that cars do not break loose while being hoisted or lowered.

(i) Where belts are used for transporting men, a minimum clearance of 18 inches shall be maintained between the belt and the roof or crossbars, projecting equipment, cap pieces, overhead cables, wiring, and other objects, but where the height of the coal bed permits, the clearance shall not be less than 24 inches.

(j) The belt speed shall not exceed 300 feet a minute when vertical clearance is less than 24 inches and shall not exceed 350 feet a minute where clearance is more than 24 inches while men are being transported. Belt conveyors shall be stopped while men are loading or unloading.

(k) The space between men riding on a belt line shall be not less than five feet.

(l) Loading and unloading stations shall be illuminated properly.

(m) An official or some other person designated by the mine foreman shall supervise the man-trip loading and unloading of belts.

(Acts 1949, No. 207, p. 242, §55; Acts 1975, 4th Ex. Sess., No. 147, p. 2866, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021