Code of Alabama - Title 25: Industrial Relations and Labor - Section 25-9-254 - Fire prevention in surface structures

Section 25-9-254 - Fire prevention in surface structures.

(a) Oil, grease, and similar flammable materials shall be stored in closed containers, separate from other materials so as not to create a fire hazard to nearby buildings or mines. If oil or grease is stored in a building, the building or the room in which it is stored shall be of fire-resistive material and well-ventilated. Tight metal receptacles shall be provided for oily waste.

(b) Smoking in or about surface structures shall be restricted to places where it will not cause fire or an explosion.

(c) Unless existing structures located within 100 feet of any mine opening are of reasonably fireproof construction, fire doors shall be erected at effective points in mine openings to prevent smoke or fire from outside sources endangering men working underground. These doors shall be tested at least monthly to insure effective operation.

(Acts 1949, No. 207, p. 242, §64.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021