Code of Alabama - Title 26: Infants and Incompetents - Section 26-25-2 - Notification to Department of Human Resources

Section 26-25-2 - Notification to Department of Human Resources.

(a) No later than the close of the first business day after the date on which an emergency medical services provider takes possession of a child pursuant to Section 26-25-1, the provider shall notify the Department of Human Resources that the provider has taken possession of the child.

(b) The department shall assume the care, control, and custody of the child immediately on receipt of notice pursuant to subsection (a). The department shall be responsible for all medical and other costs associated with the child and shall reimburse the hospital for any costs incurred prior to the child being placed in the care of the department.

(Act 2000-760, p. 1740, §2.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021