Code of Alabama - Title 28: Intoxicating Liquor, Malt Beverages and Wine - Section 28-4-158 - Prescription - Form

Section 28-4-158 - Prescription - Form.

The following form of prescription shall be used: "State of Alabama, ____ County. I, _____, a regularly licensed and practicing physician under the laws of said state, do hereby certify that I have examined _____, a patient under my charge, and I do hereby prescribe for the use of said patient, _____ of alcohol (not exceeding one-half pint), and I further certify that the said patient is suffering from the following illness, sickness or disease, _____ and that, in my opinion, the use of such alcohol is necessary to alleviate or cure the illness or disease or sickness from which such patient is suffering, and that I believe that the patient is seeking said prescription in good faith, to use said alcohol for medicinal purposes and not as a beverage, and in writing this prescription I am not relying upon his promise or affirmation that he or she will use the alcohol for medicinal purposes, but upon my own opinion, based upon an examination, that the alcohol is necessary to alleviate or cure the sickness of which he or she is suffering. And I further certify that he or she has been suffering from said sickness as far as I can ascertain for the following period of time (to be stated in months, weeks or days) _____. The alcohol is to be administered or used as follows: (here state dose, etc., as above directed). Then state address of patient and doctor. (Signed) _____ M. D. Date: ____."

(Acts 1919, No. 7, p. 6; Code 1923, §4725; Code 1940, T. 29, §195.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021