Code of Alabama - Title 34: Professions and Businesses - Section 34-16-5 - License required; application; issuance; renewal

Section 34-16-5 - License required; application; issuance; renewal.

(a) After March 15, 1998, any person who provides interpreting or transliterating services for remuneration shall be required annually to be licensed or permitted by the board unless that person is exempt from licensure or permitting pursuant to Section 34-16-7.

(b) The initial license shall be issued upon submission of an application, an affidavit documenting current validation of a nationally recognized certification as approved by the board, and payment of the required nonrefundable annual fee by March 15. Licenses shall be renewed annually, upon submission of an application and an affidavit documenting current nationally recognized certification at a professional level as approved by the board, payment of the required nonrefundable annual fee, and participation in a continuing education program approved by the board.

(c) All applicants for licensure who are initially certified after January 1, 1995, shall submit an affidavit documenting that the applicant has passed an interpreter code of ethics exam approved by the board.

(d) Failure to renew a license on or before March 15 of any year, shall result in a lapse of the license. A lapsed license that is not renewed within 45 days after March 15 of the year of the lapse, shall expire. The holder of the lapsed license may be reinstated by the board if the licensee is in compliance with all other relevant requirements of the board, applies to the board for renewal pursuant to this section, and pays the appropriate renewal, late penalty, and reinstatement fees prescribed by the board.

(Act 98-675, p. 1480, §5, Act 2002-80, p. 254, §3; Act 2003-66, p. 104, §3.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021